Kosti Lustr, meaning "The Bone Chandelier", is a night club in Prague that Clary Fray, Jace Herondale, and Sebastian Morgenstern visit while on the run from the Clave.


After killing the demon Mirek, Sebastian, Clary, and Jace decide to go celebrate at the local night club. While there Sebastian conducts a vampire coat check, and Clary and Jace get high while dancing. Soon after the two get separated and Sebastian finds Clary and has a conversation about who owns who, and who they are, while Jace manages to escape a persistent werewolf. Clary and Jace go off to dance again, and Sebastian has a conversation with Faerie Knight Meliorn, securing the Fair Folk as an allied power against the Shadowhunters. Clary and Jace end up in an alcove alone and almost do the deed, when Clary starts imagining things, seeing the club as sinister and evil, not the good things faerie drinks were supposed to make you see, causing her to faint and the group to go back to the apartment.


Located somewhere in a tiny square in Prague, the club's entrance is guarded by a flashing neon sign in the colors hot red, cold blue, and metallic gold. The entrance is a door that looks like a missing tooth in the wall.

The first floor, a normal nightclub for mundanes, looks like it was once a church, with high stained glass windows, the entire place smells of sweat, smoke, and bear. At the far end of the room there is an archway with a set of stone stairs leading down and curving into the darkness, probably only visible to those of the Shadow World. At the bottom of the stairs, the room spreads out in front of you, with bumpy uneven stone walls, with dozens of circular alcoves that have red velvet curtains, to give people a little privacy. With a smooth stone floor, the insistent beat of the music swirls around the massive room.

Along the far wall rises a stone statue of an angel with, its head hidden in the shadows above the dance floor. The statues large black wings are covered in garments to look like blood. The lights are giving off by fireworks, and a giant chandelier in the middle of the dance floor. The chandelier, as the name suggests, is made completely of human bones and black wax that drips down on to the dance floor below. Around the room, marble fountains spray sparkling water with black rose petals afloat. All around the room, silver faerie drink splatters down on the dancers for them to get high.

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