Kirk Duplesse is a mundane and a friend of Simon Lewis. He was formerly the lead singer of their band.


Kirk met his friends Simon, Eric, and Matt in kindergarten.[1] In their sophomore year, the four of them formed a band. Kirk often hung out and played video games and Dungeons & Dragons with them.[2] Kirk also has a girlfriend named Blythe.

In 2007, Simon told them that he was a vampire, which they took lightly over time. When Simon began dating two girls, Maia and Izzy, at the same time, Kirk called it Simon's "sexy vampire mojo" in the works.

Around the same time, Kyle asked to join the band in response to a flyer for a new lead singer that was put up a year before. Matt agreed that they needed a new singer because Kirk sucked, and Clary agreed because she thought their band needed sex appeal, and Kyle has since been replaced as lead singer. Kirk later told Kyle about Simon's romance woes.[3]

After Simon made a deal with the demon Asmodeus to save his friends in exchange for his immortality and memories, Simon's mundane friends and family forgot about him being a vampire. Kirk and the rest of the band were affected as well, but the group remained friends in Simon's new, temporary reality, and stayed together as a band,[4] until Simon left for the Shadowhunter Academy.[5]


Behind the scenes

  • Kirk is mentioned in the fourth episode of Shadowhunters, Raising Hell. Kirk was a student from Simon and Clary's high school days but, unlike in the books, was not friends with them. Simon described him as an attractive boy—square-jawed and always smelled like body spray—who was a jerk and a bully who seems to have demanded that Simon do his homework for him. Simon brought him up when he compared Kirk to the cocky Jace Wayland.


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