Kieran is a faerie and a member of the Wild Hunt. He is one of the Unseelie King's many children and is thus considered a prince of the Unseelie Court.


Wild Hunt

Kieran was born to the Unseelie King and a water faerie around 1992. Because of the faerie's agelessness and the different flow of time in Faerie, Kieran has lived much longer.

Though Kieran is an Unseelie Prince, he is one of the youngest and least regarded of among fifty. He was a favorite among the faeries in the Court. Because of the machinations behind the throne, he was traded to the Hunt at a young age.[2]

As a Hunter, Kieran was given a fierce, black faerie steed by Gwyn. He was mocked by other Hunters for his status as a former prince, and he made no effort to make friends with them. Nonetheless, Kieran was intrigued by Mark Blackthorn, a fellow-shunned member for being half-Shadowhunter. One day, after other members of the Hunt tortured him, Kieran went to his aid and treated him. The two became friends; the pair grew closer and eventually fell in love.

Losing Mark

In August 2012, Mark was returned to his family at the Los Angeles Institute as a bargaining chip, to get them to discreetly investigate a series of murders that had taken several faerie victims. Mark was given the option to remain with his family if they fulfilled their end of the deal, much to Kieran's dismay. During this time, Kieran paid him several secret visits and even lent him his steed once.

During one of these visits, Kieran witnessed Mark and Cristina Rosales talking in the kitchen of the Institute, and overheard Mark sharing Hunt secrets about their leader, Gwyn ap Nudd. Kieran told Gwyn ap Nudd this, thinking it would lead to Mark's return to the Hunt. Unexpectedly, however, Iarlath decided that Mark would instead be severely punished with whipping. Mark's brother Julian, and later the boy's parabatai Emma, volunteered in his place. Mark became angry at Kieran for inadvertently causing his brother pain and broke up with him.

Despite this, Kieran continued to apologize, showing his regret by helping Mark's family investigate the case. It was ultimately Kieran who discovered that Iarlath was involved with the Guardian, helping them deduce the latter's identity, and went to help them save their youngest sibling, Tavvy, where he and Mark fought side by side.

After the battle, Kieran returned to the Hunt while Mark chose to remain with his family,[3] however he was captured en route.[4]

Physical description

Kieran is said to be beautiful—inhumanly so—and fierce. He has high cheekbones and wide spaced eyes, the left black and the right a deep silver. He is pale and his body is lithe and graceful. As a prince of Faerie, Kieran wears battered white gauntlets.

His thick hair changes color—specifically colors of the sea, due in part to his nixie heritage[1]—depending on his mood, from dark black when he is in a bad mood to a pale blue when he's happy,[3] though he can also change them at will.[5]

Skills and abilities

  • Accelerated healing: Like all Hunters, Kieran is protected by magic that significantly hastens their healing process.
  • Equitation: Kieran is a skilled horse rider.
  • Chromokinesis: Kieran can change the color of his hair based on his emotions.


  • Faerie steed: Kieran's steed as a Hunter is Windspear, a black and skeletal steed—a "mount of the dead".


Kieran and Mark met in the Wild Hunt. Both found solace in each other as both were ostracized in the Hunt. When riding together, Kieran made their trips fun, showing Mark wonders that only the Fair Folk knew of. Eventually, they fell in love and Kieran gave Mark his first kiss. Though Kieran tried to encourage Mark to embrace his faerie nature, he neither mocked him and himself told Mark that he could admit and confide in him that he still felt like a Shadowhunter.

When the pair had a falling out after Mark was returned to his family and Kieran accidentally got his brother and friend in trouble, Kieran did not give up on him and instead decided to prove his love by continuing to help his family.