Ke Wen Yu was a Shadowhunter of Chinese descent who lived in the Shanghai Institute. She married Jonah Carstairs and together they had a son, Jem Carstairs.


At some point in her life, Ke angered the Greater Demon Yanluo by destroying a nest of his demon offspring. In revenge, Yanluo bided his time, waiting for weaknesses in the Institute's defenses and protective wards. He eventually snuck into the Institute, killed all the guards, and took Ke, her husband, and child captive. He tortured Ke's family, to the point where her son, Jem, was poisoned with the demon drug yin fen, and when he woke from his hallucinations after the second day, Jem could only hear his mother calling for him by his Chinese name, Jian. Ke was eventually killed by Yanluo's poison shortly after her husband's death. By the time the Shanghai Enclave had become suspicious by their lack of contact and decided to break into the Institute to investigate, the couple was already dead, leaving only Jem, who was still delirious from all the poison.

Her son went on to live at the London Institute and eventually joined the Silent Brothers.


  • Though never mentioned in the books by name, her name was revealed in the "found" family tree.

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