Jessica Beausejours is a Centurion and a member of Zara Dearborn's inner circle.


Upon attending the Scholomance, she met and became friends with Zara Dearborn, a fellow Centurion who shared her views on Downworlders. She became a part of Zara's inner circle and helped Zara take credit for other Shadowhunters' work.

In 2012, Jessica was sent to the Los Angeles Institute as part of a team of Centurions tasked with finding Malcolm Fade. She later attended the Council meeting where Annabel Blackthorn was to give testimony, and she heckled her along with the rest of the Cohort members present.[1]

Personality and traits

Jessica has a disdainful and ignorant attitude towards Downworlders and Shadowhunters who affiliate with them.



  • Jessica speaks with a faint French accent.
  • Jessica has rings on all her fingers.


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