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James Herondale
CJ James 01
Biographical Information
Full name: James Herondale
Born: 1886
Age: 77 (during known death)
Status: Deceased
Nickname/s: Jamie
Species: Shadowhunter
Residence: London Institute
Parabatai: Matthew Fairchild
Family: Cordelia Carstairs (wife)
Owen Herondale (son)
Will Herondale (father)
Tessa Gray (mother)
Lucie Herondale (sister)
Ella Herondale † (aunt)
Cecily Herondale (aunt)
Herondale family
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold

James Herondale was the first child of Tessa Gray and Will Herondale, and the older brother of Lucie Herondale. He is apparently married to Cordelia Carstairs, with whom he had a son, Owen.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

When James was a child and was about to have the runes that will protect him placed on him at the Silent City, Will demanded that only Brother Zachariah could do it.

James was born with the ability to turn into a shadow because of his mother's demonic lineage. Because of this, he regularly faced prejudice in the Shadowhunter society, to the point where he was severely bullied as a child in the Shadowhunter Academy and had to leave.[1] It was during this time, however, that James met and became friends with Matthew Fairchild, who eventually became his parabatai.

Later life Edit

At one point, he fell in love with and had his heart broken by Grace Cartwright. He has since had suicidal tendencies because of this.

In 1903, James had gotten drunk and had encountered Magnus Bane, who mistook him for Will. Only when he saw James's gold eyes, and remembered that James was nearly 25 years younger than Will would have been, did he realize that he was not Will.

Years later, at his father's deathbed, he spoke about Will's fear of ducks and his battle to keep them out of the pond at the family home in Yorkshire.

Abilities Edit

James has special "talents," due to inheriting some demon blood from his mother which allowed them to use magic. James can turn into a shadow.

Trivia Edit

  • James Herondale was named after Jem Carstairs, Will's parabatai and Tessa's former fiancé.
  • He is the last Herondale to have a sibling, because according to the "found" family tree, the Herondale boys leading up to Jace are only sons.
  • James is one of the two Herondale boys known to have gold eyes, the other being Jace.
  • James describes himself as unpredictable

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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