He is my brother, but he is— He was born with something missing, I think, some piece of his heart where compassion lives.

Diego about Jaime, Lady Midnight

Jaime Rocío Rosales is a Shadowhunter from Mexico, D.F. He is the younger brother of Diego Rosales and is a distant relative of Cristina and Tomas Rosales.


Jaime and Cristina had been friends since they were young. Eventually, they decided to become parabatai.

Jaime developed lofty political ambitions. In May 2012, he and Diego were at the Rosales residence at San Miguel de Allende with Cristina and her mother. While drunk, Jaime told Diego of his intentions with Cristina: how he intended to use their shared influence on her and her mother—with Diego as her future husband and him as her parabatai—to gain control over the D.F. Institute, believing that the wrong branch of the Rosales family was in power. He went as far as telling Diego that he was stuck with the harder position as being parabatai with Cristina would mean they are stuck forever.

Since Jaime planned to go away to Idris, Diego meant to warn Cristina about him but never had the chance as she had already overheard Jaime's rants. Heartbroken, she left and moved to Los Angeles. Despite his drunken ramblings, he, according to Diego, still panicked when Cristina left.[1]

The Rosales family had always had a connection with faeries, it is where Cristina's necklace came from, but there another heirloom that allows people to enter Faerie undetected. As the Cold Peace began, the family was supposed to turn everything over to the Clave, anything the faeries had ever given them, but they didn't. The Rosales family decided their relationship with the hadas was more important. 

To save the heirloom from falling into the hands of the Dearborns and the Cohort, Jaime took the heirloom and ran while Diego tied himself to the Cohort in an arranged marriage to Zara Dearborn.


Jaime, who had been missing and unreachable for months, snuck into the London Institute after hearing Cristina was taking refuge there. He was discovered by Drusilla Blackthorn, who immediately developed a crush on him. He told her that he was there to see Cristina, but she couldn't know he was there yet. Jaime's trust and reliance on Dru made her feel special. Eventually, Jaime spoke to Cristina, and he delivered a letter to her from Diego explaining that his engagement to Zara was arranged. Jaime told Cristina that the Shadow World was whispering that the Blackthorns were going to go up against the Cohort and if it came to a fight, Jaime wanted to be there. He left the next morning.

Personality and traits

Jaime is warlike and fierce, more so than his brother, Diego, for which he sacrifices a bit of his grace. He was also troublesome, often getting his brother in trouble for his actions.[1] He has a restless and mischievous spirit, he is playful where Diego is serious. He plays devil's advocate in arguments. Jaime was also secretive, often disappearing for long periods of time without saying where he was going.[2]

He has a stronger accent than Cristina or his brother, Diego.

Physical description

Jaime is described as tall and rangy, he has always been thin and since he has been on the run he was with positively prickly with pointed collarbones and sharp elbows. He has a shock of untidy black hair that contrasted his brown skin and brilliant sparkling brown eyes and wickedly long and black lashes. He is covered in Marks, and not just marks but tattoos too—words run up and down his forearms and snake across his collarbone. Jaime wasn't as perfectly handsome as Perfect Diego—he has sharp features, his nose was a little too big, his mouth too wide and mobile—but his eyes were a brilliant sparkling brown, his lashes wickedly long and black. And there was something about him, a sort of energy that Diego didn't have, handsome as he was.




Jaime is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the name James, as well as Jacob, Jamie, or Jacques. James, in turn, is the English form of the Late Latin name Iacomus which was derived from Ιακωβος (Iakobos), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name Ya'aqov (Jacob).[3] Jaime is also be a Scottish and American name, where, as well as in Spanish, it may mean "supplanter; he that replaces".[4]

His maternal surname Rosales was derived from the Latin word "rosa" and is the plural form of the Spanish word "rosal", both of which mean "rosebush".[5] His paternal surname Rocío is of both Italian and Spanish origin, where it means "dewdrops", or simply "dew".[6][7][8]


  • He owns a crossbow.[9] His favorite weapon is poison.[2]
  • Jaime's secrets and motives behind the things he told Diego that Cristina overheard will eventually be revealed; it has to do with him being a strategist, working a lot of angles in the attempt to protect something really important.[10]
  • He was initially set to be older than Diego.[11][12]


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