Ifrits are warlocks who are incapable of performing magic.


Ifrits, while unable to perform magic, still possess demon marks; as a result, most of them are unable to have a normal life. Most ifrits are easily distinguishable by their warlock marks: red skin and taloned hands, though occasionally one may be born with a mark that can be easily hidden.[1]


Some ifrits, whose marks can easily be hidden or who acquire a permanent glamour, live in the mundane world and have no doings with the Shadow World at all. Others have fallen into the underclass of the supernatural world, not being able to find a respectable life among Downworlders without magical abilities, and therefore are often found working on the wrong side of the Law.[1]


During the Victorian era in London, ifrits ran drug dens, selling primarily demon drugs, faerie powders, and warlock spices.[2] During modern times in New York, Taki's Diner is guarded by ifrits.[3]

Known ifrits



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