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Codex Idris
As illustrated in The Shadowhunter's Codex.[1]
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Idris is the Shadowhunter home country located between Germany and France. Its capital is Alicante, also called the Glass City. Wardings have been put up over all its borders so that if mundanes try to cross into it, they are instantly transported from one border to the next and therefore few mundanes know about it. The country is said to be surrounded by mountains with passes which can only be traversed through during high summer.  A counterpart to mundane globes can be found in the Institute's library, which includes other lands only known to the beings of the Shadow Realms.

Most Shadowhunters come from Idris, and some even grow up and are trained there. Hodge Starkweather, was cursed to never leave the Institute during his exile as punishment, he was particularly banned from Idris, seeing it as a heavy punishment as most Shadowhunters who grew up here long to be in their home country.

Alicante Edit

Alicante is the capital, and only, city of Idris. The Gard, the main meeting place of the Clave, and the Accords Hall are both found here. It is said that all roads in Alicante lead to the Accords Hall. The entire city, particularly the Clave buildings and towers, are made of the demon repelling material used in Seraph Blades. Because the wards were so strong, they were believed to be invincible, until Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern took them down in 2007.

Brocelind Edit

Brocelind Plain is a flat terrain of high grasses that lead to the Brocelind Forest, which in turn encompasses a large portion of Idris and leads to Alicante. The forest is known to house several Downworlder clans from werewolves to vampires. The forest is thick and nearly impossible to navigate alone and scattered amongst the trees are some manor houses.

Lake Lyn Edit

Lake Lyn is a remote lake that isn't used because the water is poisonous to Shadowhunters. This is lake that the Angel Raziel was said to have risen from. Fair Folk drink from the lake. It is also said that when the Fair Folk drink from the lake, they get visions, but this makes the Nephilim hallucinate. When Clary Portals to Idris, she lands in Lake Lyn.

The lake is also the third Mortal Instrument, the Mortal Mirror. To summon Raziel the mirror must be stood before with the other mortal instruments present.

Academy Edit

Also found in Idris is a training school for young Shadowhunters who reside in the country.

Manor houses Edit

There are a variety of manor houses in the countryside of Idris owned by Shadowhunter families. They all also have secret tunnels interconnected, in case of any sort of danger. Manor houses known to be found in Iris include:

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