If you pity those creatures, those faeries, dying inside their cages, think of this: If it were not for the Cold Peace your people insisted on, they would not be here. Look to the blood on your own hands, Shadowhunters.

–Hypatia to Tiberius and Livia Blackthorn, Lord of Shadows

Hypatia Vex is a warlock and the landlord of the London Shadow Market.


In September 2012, Hypatia confronted Kit Herondale and the Blackthorn twins Ty and Livvy when they arrived at the Shadow Market looking for help from a warlock. When Kit told her that he was an emissary of Barnabas Hale, Hypatia was skeptical, and though Shade lied to support their excuse, she immediately contacted Barnabas. Barnabas then arrived with a pack of werewolves and Hypatia stood by while he called the Shadowhunters out. She seemed surprised when Kit, asked about his mother, stated that he didn't know who she was.

After Barnabas ordered the Shadowhunters killed, Hypatia did not join in the fight and cautioned him against fighting Magnus Bane when the latter arrived.

The next day, Hypatia was annoyed when Kit, Livvy, and Ty showed up at her shop to buy ingredients for Magnus. She agreed to help them only if they paid in gold, rather than mundane money. Ty asked her about a way to get to Cornwall, and she told him about an unregulated Portal in the London Institute.[1]


Hypatia despises Shadowhunters and those who work for and with them. She is not above doing business with them though, as she willingly helps the Blackthorns procure ingredients for a spell, albeit for a large profit.

Physical description

Hypatia has skin as dark as mahogany and bronze hair. Her warlock mark is her pair of golden star-shaped pupils. She wears a variety of fashionable clothes, including a white pantsuit and a black sheath dress. She has a smooth face and, according to Kit, seems ageless, looking like she's anywhere between eighteen and thirty.


  • Immortality: As a warlock, Hypatia is immortal and does not physically age.
  • Magic: As a warlock, Hypatia can use magic.



The name Hypatia is a Greek name derived from the word "hýpatos" (ὕπατος) which means "highest" or "supreme". The name is strongly associated with Hypatia of Alexandria.[2]

Her surname "Vex" means "to make someone feel annoyed or frustrated".