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Biographical Information
Status: Alive (as of 2012)


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Lavender
Distinct feature/s:

Pale blue skin
Webbed hands and feet

"Hyacinth" is the name Elizabeth Gray gave a faerie she knew, named after the flower for her pale blue skin.


The faerie knew the young Adele Starkweather, who called her "Hyacinth". Being a faerie, she was presumably aware of Axel Mortmain and the faeries' plot to steal the child and switch her with the sickly mundane child Elizabeth, as revenge for the York Institute raids that killed faeries as trophies.

Decades after, Hyacinth met Adele's daughter, Tessa, at Benedict Lightwood's ball. She saw through Tessa's disguise and told her about changelings, implying heavily though not directly admitting that her mother was in fact one.[1]

By 2012, Hyacinth is a known fortune-teller with a booth at the Shadow Market in Los Angeles and is acquainted with Johnny and Kit Rook.[2]

Physical description

Hyacinth was a tall slender woman with long lavender hair, pale blue skin, and webbed hands and feet.



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