Hidden Treasures Vintage is a vintage store located in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, CA.


Hidden Treasures is a single building with a sign that spells out the words "Hidden Treasures" in glitter. Right next to it is a red and white popcorn machine and a painted model of a curtained caravan advertising the services of someone named Gargantua the Great.


Cordelia and a young Emma Carstairs used to go the store. The young Blackthorns recognize the store as Emma's favorite and she would also buy things for the siblings whenever she went.

On August 11, 2012, Emma and Cristina Rosales came to the store to buy a dress for Cristina for the event at the Midnight Theater. While there, Emma picked out cuff links for Julian Blackthorn and a silver and ivory dress for herself, while Cristina bought a pink dress that "clung to her curves."


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