The Herondale family is an old Shadowhunter family.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Herondales over the centuries have lived in a variety of places; notably in Wales, Yorkshire, Cornwall, London, Idris, New York, and Los Angeles.

In the early 1800s, Tobias Herondale had a son with his wife, Eva. When Eva was executed, it was widely believed that their son died with her, but the child was saved by Catarina Loss and raised among mundanes.

Because of this, a line of Herondales had been living without the Clave's knowledge, at one point getting faerie blood in the 1930s,[1][2] for centuries before they were discovered by Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray.[3][4][5]

Meanwhile, in 1878, Tobias's great-nephew Will Herondale came into contact with the angel Ithuriel, specifically on his shoulder. Will's sons and subsequent male descendants have all since been born with star-shaped marks on their shoulders as well.[6][7][8]

Known members

Family tree

Unnamed woman
Unnamed man
Unnamed woman
William H.
Tobias H.
Eva B.
Edmund H.
Linette O.
Ella H.
Will H.
Tessa G.
Cecily H.
Ephraim's offspring/s
Jesse B.
Lucie H.
James H.
Cordelia C.
Unnamed fey
Lydia K.
Owen H.
Imogen W.
Marcus H.
Céline M.
Stephen H.
Unnamed woman
Johnny R.
Jace H.
Kit H.


CN Herondale ring

The symbol of the family is a bird called the heron. Their ring, in particular, has a pattern of herons in flight.


The name Herondale comes from the words "Heron" and "Dale". "Heron" is a bird and "dale" is another word for valley, esp. a broad one.


  • Most of the Herondale men known so far have a notable hatred of ducks, particularly Will and Jace. This was written after Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan had an encounter with ducks in Hyde Park.[9]
  • Herondales are among the Shadowhunters who are inherently able to see, hear, and speak even with ghosts who do not want to make their presence known,[10][11] and ability reinforced in some Herondales once he/she gets his/her Voyance rune.[12]