SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Hands of Glory is a tool that can be rendered magical, necessary for a necromantic spell. It is considered one of the darkest of dark magic.


The Hands of Glory is a variation of the Hand of Glory, made with the hands of thirteen murderers. Its making is precise, needing the specific hands the murderers used to kill their victims. For the fullest potency, the hands had to be severed immediately after the murder was performed. The severed hands are jammed wrist down onto the points of a candelabra, the fingers reaching upwards.

For the spell Malcolm Fade used to raise Annabel Blackthorn, the word "mandrake" was used to stand in for main de gloire, which is another term for Hand of Glory.[1]


At some point before 2012, the warlock Malcolm Fade formed a group of followers and tricked them into killing in exchange for good luck. All he asked in return was the hand that committed the murder, to add to his collection of Hands of Glory. Thirteen were required for the ritual.

After several months, the Hands of Glory was finally completed in August 2012. Before he could complete his necromantic ritual with the Hands, Malcolm was killed, his blood splattered on the Hands, and the Hands of Glory either ended up in the ocean along with Malcolm's body or was left in the flooded convergence site that was later destroyed.[1]


  • In old European beliefs, the Hand of Glory is the "sinister" hand of a hanged man. Great powers are attributed to it when combined with a candle made from fat of the corpse of the same malefactor who owns the hand. With the candle lighted and placed in the Hand of Glory, it is believed to be able to render motionless all persons to whom it was presented.[2]