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The Guardian of Lir's Gate is a phouka who guards the Gate of Lir.


In 2012, the Guardian met a group of Shadowhunters consisting of Mark and Julian Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs, and Cristina Rosales when they crossed the moon's road to enter the Gate of Lir into Faerie. He recognized Mark as being half-fey, and when told of his parentage, remarked that Nerissa's death grieved them all.

He then took each of them aside to claim his tolls in exchange for promising them they would each find something in Faerie—something they all wanted and were willing to give up prized possessions for, and something they would not be allowed to share with one another so it would come to fruition. He did not apparently know what each entailed because he was only a messenger:

  • The Guardian told Julian that he would find someone who knows how the parabatai bond can be broken and was able to convince Julian to give him his father's watch.
  • He told Cristina that should would get the chance to bring the Cold Peace to an end if she went, then asked for and received her hairpin.
  • He told Emma that should see the face of someone dead, whom she loved, and took the stele, given to her by Jace Herondale, that Emma has had and treasured for five years, which he stated was valuable for the handle's demon bone.
  • The phouka had Mark deliberately come last. He told Mark that if he came to Faerie, he would ride with the Wild Hunt again.

After receiving his toll, the Guardian announced the opening of the Gate and dived, laughing, into the sea as the moon's road dissolved. He then alerted Nerissa's sister Nene—with whom he was an old friend—to the mission her nephew and his companions were undertaking. Additionally, everything the phouka told them came true in some way.[1]


As a phouka, the Guardian is a cunning seducer and is able to discover people's desires quite easily.

Physical description

The Guardian is tall with long, dark hair woven with gold, dark skin, and metallic gold eyes with no irises and pupils. He wears ragged trousers held up by rope, is barefoot, and has sharp, gold teeth tipped with silver.[1]


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