Green Man Inn is an inn in England, somewhere in or around Staffordshire. It is a well-known Downworld way station, its staff Sighted and aware of the Shadow World.


In 1878, Will Herondale, with his horse Balios, stopped by to stay at the inn one evening on their way to Wales. There, Will was greeted by a mundane stable-boy who possibly possessed inherited faerie blood, and a landlord who made no comment about Will being a Shadowhunter and was more than willing to give Will a private room, even asking him if he wanted to eat in a private parlor, which Will declined.

The inn rarely received Shadowhunter guests; most of its customers were Downworlders. Being a Downworlder rest stop, there were several in the common room that certain night: a three-eyed warlock, tusked trolls, and a group of werewolves of the London pack, including Axel Mortmain and Conrad, some of whom later confronted Will at the inn's courtyard, next to the stables.[1]