Great Library
Location: Intercontinental
Notable guests:



The Clave

The Great Library is a special Shadowhunters archive located in the largest Institute of each continent of the world. Each also contains at least one of only forty-eight surviving copies of the first ever printed editions of the Shadowhunter's Codex.[1]

Known libraries

  • Shanghai, People's Republic of China - Asia
  • London, United Kingdom of Great Britain - Europe
  • Manila, Republic of the Philippines - Oceania (comprises Australia and the Pacific Rim)
  • Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt - Africa
  • São Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil - South America
  • Los Angeles, State of California - North America


  • The library in London is a massive and famous library, considered the largest in Europe.[2][3]
  • The Los Angeles Institute's library was small, even smaller than New York's; it is possible that it is considered the Great Library because of its well-known large collection of Greek and Latin books, and books on the magic and occultism of the classical period.[3]


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