Graymark family
Status: Unknown
Residence: Various
Species: Shadowhunters
Notable members:

Amatis Graymark
Lucian Graymark


The Clave

The Graymark family is an old Shadowhunter family.


In the late 1900s Amatis and her brother Lucian were born to the Graymark family and grew up in Idris. When they were still young their mother left them for unknown reasons to become an Iron Sister, Cleophas, and Amatis had to raise Lucian on her own.

They later attended the Shadowhunter Academy and joined the Circle, with Lucian becoming Valentine Morgenstern's parabatai. While on a hunt for werewolves with Valentine Lucian was bitten and turned away by Amatis after he went to her for help. He then Turned and joined a pack.

Amatis married Stephen Herondale but he later divorced her on Valentine's request. Lucian eventually returned to Jocelyn Fray, Valentine's wife who later foiled his plans to ruin one of the Accords signings. Lucien, who had loved Jocelyn for years, aided her in defeating his former parabatai. Years later after Jocelyn had gone into hiding with her daughter, Clary Fairchild, Lucien—going by the name Luke—found her again and became involved in her and Clary's life.

Luke later fought in the Mortal War against Valentine and became the werewolf representative on the new Council.[1] A few weeks later Amatis was forced to drink from the Infernal Cup and became the first Endarkened Shadowhunter and Sebastian Morgenstern's lieutenant.[2] She later died after Sebastian was fatally wounded and the Infernal Cup destroyed. Luke then gave up his seat on the Council to Maia Roberts, after which he married Jocelyn.[3]

Known members

Family tree

Unnamed G.
Amatis G.
Lucian G.
Jocelyn F.
Clary F.


  • It is unknown whether the Graymark family has other branches, or is now inactive.


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