The Graymark family is an old Shadowhunter family.


In the 1920s, Edgar Graymark was the head of the New York Institute.

In the late 1900s, Amatis and her brother Lucian were born to the Graymark family and grew up in Idris. When they were young, their mother, Cleophas, left them for unknown reasons to become an Iron Sister and Amatis had to raise Lucian on her own.

They later attended the Shadowhunter Academy and joined the Circle, with Lucian becoming Valentine Morgenstern's parabatai. Valentine later betrayed him and set him up to be Turned into a werewolf, and Lucian left Alicante and became the leader of the Brocelind werewolf pack.

Lucian eventually returned to Jocelyn, his best friend, whom he has loved for years, and Valentine's wife, and together they foiled the Uprising. Jocelyn went into hiding after, but Lucian spent years looking for her and eventually found her in New York. Lucian decided to stay and take up the name Luke Garroway to live out a mundane life with Jocelyn and her daughter, before Jocelyn was kidnapped by Valentine and their lives were once again intertwined with their pasts. After defeating Valentine and his son, the pair eventually got married.

Meanwhile, Amatis married Stephen Herondale but he later divorced her on Valentine's request. She died in 2007, after being brainwashed by Valentine's son.[1]

Known members

Family tree

Caleb G.
Amatis G.
Lucian G.
Jocelyn F.
Clary F.


  • It is unknown whether the Graymark family has other branches, or is now inactive.