George Lovelace
CJ Flowers, George
Biographical Information
Born: 1990; Scotland
Age: 19
Status: Deceased (briefly returned as a ghost)
Died: Early 2010

Scottish sex-god


Ghost (briefly)




Scotland (former)

Known relatives:

Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed Lovelace (adoptive father)
Unnamed Lovelace (adoptive mother)
Jessamine Lovelace † (distant relative)
Lovelace family

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color:


Everybody in this academy, Shadowhunters and mundanes, people with the Sight and without it, everyone of them is looking to be a hero. We are all hoping for it, and trying for it, and soon we will be bleeding for it.

–George to Simon, Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

George Lovelace was an adopted mundane child of a branch of the Lovelace family. He became the roommate and close friend of Simon Lewis at the Shadowhunter Academy.


Early life

George was born a mundane and later adopted into the Lovelace family, particularly into a long line of Lovelaces who have abandoned Shadowhunting since the 1700s—a separate branch from Jessamine Lovelace's—and settled in Scotland as sheep thieves, just outside of Glasgow. Growing up on a farm, George was no stranger to hard work and physical labor.

Because of this family history, George had become accustomed to, albeit jokingly, saying that he and his family are quitters.

At one point, George's adoptive grandmother supposedly had an encounter with faeries, though his relatives have claimed that their grandmother was simply mad.[1]

His work at the farm gave him plenty of time to daydream, and he often imagined a more adventurous life for himself. He shared these thoughts with his grandmother, who encouraged him to turn the dreams into stories. This was not enough to satisfy the boy's thirst for adventure.[2]

George's dream came true when, at seventeen in 2008, he was invited to attend the newly-reopened Shadowhunter Academy after the Dark War depleted a huge number of the Shadowhunter ranks. However, the people who recruited him were not aware that George was adopted and, thus, a mundane. An athletic and adventure-hungry boy, George was more than eager to attend and decided to postpone telling them until after he'd been accepted. Apparently, he was livid that his adoptive parents hid their knowledge of the Shadow World from him.[1]


Due to his family name, George was immediately put in the elite curriculum "stream" and slept in a room much more comfortable and less disgusting than that of the mundane class. On the day that his new roommate, Simon Lewis, arrived, he was seen standing on a stool because a rodent had made their wardrobe its home. Once the whole possum situation was taken care of, George and Simon introduced themselves to one another as they were going to be living in the same room until the day of Ascension.

George made friends with the people on the same table as him and Simon: Julie Beauvale, Beatriz Mendoza and Jon Cartwright. All of them were the same age and attended the same classes as them in the elite class. George excelled in most of the classes, notably horseback riding.

Eventually, Simon became unable to put up with the obnoxiousness of their new Shadowhunter elite acquaintances and their passive insults regarding mundanes and Downworlders. Simon demanded to be put in with the mundane class. Because of this, George found the courage to admit to the Dean, and Simon, that he was a mundane and should also be placed in the mundane stream with Simon. He and Simon then moved into a basement room together.[1]

George was very intent on going through with his Ascension, despite the known risks and the sudden departure of their other frightened mundane classmates. Nonetheless, George was most saddened by the idea of his time at the Academy with his friends ending with their impending 'graduation' and got emotional about the little practices he and Simon shared.

On the day of their Ascension, George was seemingly confident about his survival. Coming right after Simon, George became the first casualty of Ascension as he quickly died and burned away after drinking from the Mortal Cup. Having been promised a home by the London Institute but rejected by the Clave for burial in the Silent City, George was buried in London. After life, George seemingly met his distant relative Jessamine Lovelace. As ghosts, the two Lovelaces showed themselves to a grieving Simon, who then decided to take on the Lovelace name to honor him.[3]

Personality and traits

George grew up in Scotland and had adapted their accent and ways. He was athletic and sporty, proven by his physique, his many rugby shirts and a tennis racket, and his displayed skill in riding and taming horses with ease—skills that can also be attributed to his time and experience from working on their farm. George was also capable of sarcasm and humor, getting along well with the similar Simon. George was also caring, as he was always comforting and cheering Simon up, and was in fact quite an emotional and sentimental person at times.

Physical description

George had dark brown eyes and curly light-brown hair. He had dimples, and his skin was tanned from being out in the sun often. George was broad-shouldered and had a body build that is as athletic as a Shadowhunter's.

George was a handsome man, even said to have looked like a statue or a potential underwear model by Simon, particularly due to the attention of their fellow classmate, Julie Beauvale, whom was caught off guard by his good looks.




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