SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

The Gate of Lir, also known as the moon gate, is one of many entrances to the lands of the faeries.


The Gate of Lir is an entrance to Faerieland found at the end of the moon's road. It is located on the ocean's surface, and requires a toll, collected by the Guardian of Lir's Gate, to open.[1]

Once opened, the Gate forms a bright silver archway of water, the inside of which churns with water and motion. The water slowly solidifies until Faerie can be seen through it, and those who wish to enter may then step through.

Any who pay the toll and enter the Gate are promised, by the Guardian, who claims it is a message he passes on, that they will find something they desire in Faerie, though if they reveal what they've been promised to anyone it will not come true.[1]


In 2012 a group of Shadowhunters from the Los Angeles Institute crossed the moon's road to enter the Gate into Faerie, using a faerie charm to bypass the magic that kept those without faerie blood from doing so. They were met by the Guardian, who collected the toll and gave each of them their promises, and they entered the Gate.[1]


  • Since the moon's road can only be crossed by those with faerie blood, by extension the same rule applies to the Gate as it can only be accessed by crossing the road.