The Vampire Lieutenant is the right-hand man to the leader of the New York vampire clan, presumably a stand-in for Raphael Santiago or Camille Belcourt. He enjoys his position among his vampire brothers and views his race as superior among Downworlders, Nephilim and mundanes.[1]


Under his leadership, he and his vampire brothers kidnapped the mundane Simon Lewis and brought him to their lair, the Hotel Dumort, in a ploy to lure Clary Fray and get the Mortal Cup. When the Shadowhunters arrived to rescue Simon, the vampires outnumbered and surrounded them and engaged them in battle. In the middle of it, a pack of werewolves arrived and joined the fight. The distraction caused by the chaos that ensued allowed their targets to escape.


  • The "vampire lieutenant", credited as the Vampire Leader, is an original character created for the film adaptation of City of Bones and iss thus not in any of the books in the series.