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This article depicts a subject within the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film universe, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

If you ever say anything like that again... I'll kill you.

–Alec threatening Clary after being confronted about his feelings for Jace Wayland, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Alec Lightwood is a Shadowhunter and resident of the New York Institute. He is the brother of Isabelle Lightwood. However, any similarity Alec and Isabelle share in appearance, they lack in personality. He is very serious and uncomfortable around outsiders, while Isabelle is more of an extrovert. He is also the best friend, fighting partner, and adoptive brother of Jace Wayland.[1]


At one point in their youth, Jace joined Alec and his sister Isabelle at the Institute to live with the Lightwoods, and the group of Shadowhunters has been thick as thieves since.

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Isabelle, Alec and Jace at Pandemonium.

One night at the Pandemonium, the three Shadowhunters were on a routine demon hunting trip when they encountered and killed one in the middle of the dance floor. A girl saw them and screamed, and Alec, assuming that she was just a mundane, ignored her and left.

Jace, however, decided to track her down. When she found herself in trouble, Jace brought her and her best friend Simon Lewis to the Institute, much to his annoyance. Throughout Clary's time with them, Alec continued to question Jace's decision to trust her and his attachment to her, making no effort to hide this from Clary herself. Nonetheless, when it came down to it, Alec still went along on their mission to help Clary find her mother, if not only for Jace.


At Magnus's party.

When a signed name in Clary's mind led them to the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, Alec and the rest went to a party he was throwing. There, Magnus openly flirts with Alec, saying he only accommodated them for Alec, "the hot one" and "the one with the blue eyes." When Simon was drugged at the party and kidnapped by the local vampire clan, Clary insisted on his rescue, and Jace immediately led the group on an impromptu rescue mission.

They rushed over to a church for its cache of weapons to equip themselves against vampires. At the vampires' hideout, the Hotel Dumort, they are confronted by a large number of vampires and they tried their best to hold them off. The fight was made easier by the arrival of werewolves. Taking advantage of the chaos, the group immediately fled to the safety of the rooftop and the rising sun.

Later at the Institute, Alec confronted Clary in the hallway and demanded that she return to her own world, fearing she was putting Jace in danger. Clary then pointed out that he was acting that way because he was in love with Jace and that he should just admit it. Furious, Alec pinned Clary against a wall and threatened to kill her if she ever repeated what she had just said.

After Clary figured out where the Mortal Cup was and how to retrieve it, the group immediately returned to Clary's apartment building to suss out Madame Dorothea who possessed the Cup. Alec and Isabelle went to the floor above Dorothea's, spreading metallic dust that detects and follows around the presence of a demon. When the particles finally reacted to Dorothea, the pair immediately rushed down and fought off the possessed Dorothea. During the battle, Alec was gravely injured by Dorothea while trying to protect Clary and the Cup from her.

Magnus still

Magnus arrives to save Alec.

Rushed back to the Institute, Isabelle found that she cannot heal Alec. She chastised Jace for putting all their lives at risk for Clary. Alec's condition continued to worsen, until Magnus Bane, sent by Hodge Starkweather, arrived to help him. Using ingredients Magnus had Isabelle collect, Alec responded to his magic and got better.

Physical appearance

Alec is of average height at 5'9". He is fit and muscular, and he has brown hair and blue eyes. Like most Shadowhunters, Alec's skin is adorned with big runes throughout his body.


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