Faerie steeds are magical mounts used by the Wild Hunt.


Faerie steeds can travel through land and air. The Hunt uses different kinds of steeds. When they leave the Faerie, its nature can be changed to suit the mundane world. They have been known to appear initially as horses and can appear as motorcycles to fit the mundane world.[1] They have also been seen as black horses with flaming hooves, massive black dogs with orange-burning eyes, and skeletal steeds that pulled black carriages.[2]

When an official delegation from the Courts make an appearance, it is always—in accordance to a traditional faerie rhyme—made up of three riders in black, brown, and white robes, riding two black steeds and one brown steed, which will walk behind the two black steeds.[1]

Known steeds


  • Faerie steeds tend to remain unnaturally still when left alone by their riders.[1]
  • The steeds ridden by Iarlath and Gwyn to the Institute have red eyes and red flowers in their manes.[1]
  • The rhyme designating the steeds of the official delegation of the Courts is from Tam Lin (the 39th ballad) of the Child Ballads.