You Nephilim. You call yourselves warriors, ringed round with your protective runes, your angel blades! Without them you would be nothing—and you will be without them soon enough! You will be nothing, and we will take everything from you! Everything you have! Everything!

Lord of Shadows

Ethna is one of the Seven Riders who serves the Unseelie King.


Ethna is a daughter of Mannan and has lived almost since the beginning of time. She is much older than the Wild Hunt, and much more powerful. In the old days she hunted giants and monsters with her siblings, but chose to serve the Unseelie King as one of his assassins.

In 2012, Ethna and her siblings were sent after the Blackthorn family to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead for the Unseelie King. Ethna went after Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in Cornwall, along with Delan, Airmed and Fal.

Alongside her siblings Ethna fought Emma until Emma killed Fal with her sword Cortana. Ethna was devastated by Fal's death and went ballistic, and had to be held back by Delan. When Airmed called their steeds and they retreated, Ethna paused to glare at Emma in a way that promised revenge.

She later attacked the Blackthorns in London, using a human child to lure them out of the Institute. Her and her siblings almost succeeded in killing the Blackthorns until Annabel Blackthorn arrived and drove them away by threatening to reveal the Unseelie King's name.[1]


Ethna is very passionate and bloodthirsty. She appears to care for her siblings very much and shows the most anguish when one of them is hurt. She is also cruel, and not above using children to complete her missions.

Physical description

Ethna has a smaller build than the other Riders. She has metallic bronze hair in a braid down her back and wears a bronze half mask, as well as a bronze cloak and bronze armor etched all over with designs of waves and the sea. She also wears a longsword on her back that can be seen over her shoulder.


  • Longevity: As a Rider of Mannan, Ethna is very old and has been alive for thousands of years.
  • Enhanced Strength/Speed: Ethna is able to move incredibly fast and deal heavy blows.
  • Invulnerability: Ethna is immune to most magic, such as seraph blades, and cannot be killed by conventional means.



Ethna appears to have been very close with Fal, as when Emma killed him she fell to her knees and shrieked his name over and over again. She also appeared the most angry over his death and promised revenge against Emma.




Ethna is an Irish name which means "graceful".


  • Ethna is the only female Rider.
  • As a Rider, Ethna is wild magic and can lie despite being a faerie.