Erik is a werewolf waiter at Luigi's Ethiopian and Italian fusion restaurant in New York.


On Magnus Bane's first date with Alec Lightwood, Erik was the waiter that served their table and was alarmed by the presence of the Shadowhunter Alec. Very frankly, Erik accused Alec of making him feel very threatened, despite the fact that Alec had done nothing. When Magnus pointed this out, Erik simply told them that he suffers from stress ulcers under such circumstances. Alec, desperate to make the already catastrophically date seem normal, ignored this and tried to ask about the specials. Erik rudely replied that he cannot remember the specials while his emotions are under strain, even mentioning that a Shadowhunter had killed his uncle. Exasperated, Magnus ordered food for both him and Alec. Still frustrated, Erik later arrived with their food, where it was revealed that Erik had deliberately added extra spice to Alec's food. Magnus then forced Erik to prepare another dish.


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