SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Erec was an Unseelie faerie and one of the Unseelie King's many sons. He was the favorite son of the Unseelie King and Kieran's half-brother.


Erec was born to the Unseelie King and an unknown faerie in the Unseelie Court. Despite being one of fifty sons Erec became his father's favorite, perhaps due to his vicious nature. When he was young, Erec took pleasure in torturing his younger brother Kieran; his cruelty left Kieran with scars on his back and arms.[1]

Sometime between 2007 and 2012, Erec convinced his father to send Kieran to the Wild Hunt.

In 2012 Erec revealed to his father the King that Kieran had killed Iarlath, a member of the Unseelie Court, which resulted in Kieran being captured and sentenced to death. Erec took part in torturing his brother and delighted in binding him with thorns for his execution. When Julian Blackthorn and his family arrived to rescue Kieran Erec was taken hostage by Julian as a way to escape the Unseelie Court. He was outraged at the situation and threatened Julian during the entire ordeal until he was released and ran away.

Erec later followed Adaon when he answered Kieran's summons, holding a knife to Cristina Rosales' throat. He told Kieran to kill her and prove his loyalty; in exchange, he would intercede on Kieran's behalf with their father. He ordered Adaon to hand Kieran his blade, but rather than killing Cristina, Kieran sliced Erec's throat with it, killing him.[1]


Erec was very cruel and sadistic. He delighted in hurting people and didn't exclude his family from his cruelty. Being the favorite of his father made Erec arrogant. He was also very loyal to his father, and was ready to die for the sake of his Court.

Physical description

Erec is pale with black hair and a narrow, bearded face.


Erec thought his brother was too soft to be the son of the Unseelie King, and tortured him as a result. Erec was the one who got Kieran sent away. Despite the cruelty Erec inflicted on his brother he was ready to forgive him and let him prove himself a true son of the Unseelie King, indicating that Erec may actually have cared about Kieran in his own way, and wanted him to be strong and reach his full potential.