This article contains several information taken from other sources in addition to information from the series proper. This may include the published version of the Shadowhunter's Codex, the family tree, and other extra content or companion books.

An Eluthied demon is another type of Eidolon, capable of taking different shapes. Its true form consists of clustered eyes, like a spider's, and a tusked mouth.


In 2007, there were reports of an Eluthied demon lurking around a club in France. Jonathan Morgenstern, posing as Andrew Blackthorn, and Sebastian Verlac decided to hunt the demon down. Jonathan was the first to spot it, in the shape of a dark-haired girl. The demon seemed to catch onto the presence of the Shadowhunters and left the club, escaping into an alley.

Confronted by the fast demonic Shadowhunter, the demon's glamour began to slip away and was almost immediately killed.[1]


  1. A Dark Transformation, a short story about how Jonathan Morgenstern took over the identity of Sebastian Verlac. An outtake from City of Glass, it was featured in the special edition of City of Lost Souls.

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