Elias Carstairs is the younger brother of Jonah Carstairs and the uncle of Jem Carstairs.



After the death of Jem's parents by the demon Yanluo, he invited Jem to live with him in Idris, an offer Jem refused as he had found his parabatai in the London Institute.

Years later, Elias dropped by the Christmas Ball held at the London Institute with the intention of giving Will the Carstairs family sword, Cortana. Will refuses the gift, thinking of Jem. Tessa then tells him to rethink having a family and children to pass the family sword onto someday.[1]

He eventually married a woman named Sona and had two children with her: Alastair and Cordelia.

Physical description

Elias has a stocky build and a scar that ran along his jaw. He has blue eyes, slightly fair hair, and tanned skin.


  • Elias is still alive in Chain of Gold, though he is separated from his family for reasons yet to be revealed.[3]
  • According to a found family tree, he apparently died in 1894 at the age of 53 or 54.[2] If true, this would indicate that Elias will not be present during the events of The Last Hours, which is set in 1903.