Edward Longford was a dark-haired young Shadowhunter whose parabatai was Endarkened during the Dark War by Sebastian Morgenstern. During the siege of the Adamant Citadel, Longford went, in hopes of seeing his parabatai. When he did, Longford ended up killing him/her, though whether he intended to do it or merely had to after being engaged is unknown. Longford cried over his/her body, even once spotted by Clary Fray, before he cut his own wrists with his sword.

Though suicides were mostly buried at the crossroads outside Alicante, Longford's killing and own death was seen as an act of bravery, so he was honored with a funeral and was burned on a pyre along the road to Brocelind Forest, and his ashes presumably sent to the Silent City, along with the other Shadowhunters who died in battle. Believing he would not have been able to do the same thing, Zachariah paid his respects to the boy.