Drusilla Blackthorn
CJ Flowers, Dru
Biographical Information
Born: 1999
Age: 13 (as of 2012)
Status: Alive





Los Angeles Institute

Known relatives:
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color:


Drusilla Blackthorn is a Shadowhunter from the Blackthorn family who lives at the Los Angeles Institute.


Early life

Drusilla was born to Andrew and Eleanor Blackthorn in 1999. Drusilla is the sixth of seven children and thus has five older siblings: Helen, Mark, Jules, Livvy, and Ty, and one younger brother, Tavvy.

Dark War

When Sebastian Morgenstern and his army of Endarkened invaded the Los Angeles Institute, she was at the nursery with Tavvy. Frightened by the noise and fire coming from outside, she got hold of a sword and determinedly protected him until Emma Carstairs came to get them. By the foyer, Emma stayed and let Dru carry Tavvy and go to the office ahead of her. They got there in time and was Portaled into Alicante.

After the raid, Dru and Tavvy were both very uncomfortable and had nightmares. Despite only being eight, Dru was also interrogated with the Mortal Sword, a tool used to painfully compel the truth out of a person. She and her siblings suffered through a lot during the Dark War, made worse by the loss of Andrew, who was Endarkened and killed afterwards, Mark, who joined the Wild Hunt, and Helen, who was exiled to Wrangel Island. Eventually, the family was sent back to the Institute, where they will be raised by their uncle, Arthur.[1]

Cold Peace

At one point, Dru became obsessed with detectives, much like her older brother Ty—unlike him, however, Dru got over the phase. She read Nancy Drew books Emma got from a junk shop, citing them as good adventure stories that were nice to read about because it didn't have any demons.[2]

In 2012, the Blackthorns visited their great-aunt Marjorie in England. During their two-month stay there, Marjorie had told her that if she wasn't shaped like a "butterball," she would be pretty and boys would do whatever she wanted. Emma was horrified and told her that she was in fact beautiful.

Dru later developed a crush on the Centurion Diego Rosales.[3]

The Battle in the Convergence While the others were meeting in the library Dru was taking care of Tavvy by the sea shore. Malcolm then appeared and told her that he was willing to play with Tavvy while she goes and joins the meeting. The others were just realizing who the Guardian was when she walked inside the room, the others were horrified when she told them that she left Tavvy with Malcolm because that meant he got the last thing he needed, Blacthorn blood.

Personality and traits

Drusilla is quite shy and often feels self-conscious about her body.

Physical description

Dru has the Blackthorns' signature dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. She is quite tall for her age—nearly the same height as Cristina, despite being five years younger than her. As a child, she was already compact, expected to grow to be curvy unlike her mostly lanky siblings. Her body has since already gone through puberty early, showing off her curves to the point where Dru, at thirteen, has been mistaken for seventeen or eighteen years old by mundane boys. This has made her very self-conscious about her body because unlike most Shadowhunters who are wiry or muscular, she is round-bodied and doesn't fit into the gear designed for girls in her age group. She often wears her hair in two braids.




Following the family tradition of Greek, and Latin, names, Andrew named her Drusilla after Caligula's sister.[4]


  • Dru is very competitive.[1]
  • Dru is an avid reader,[5][6][7] and she likes horror movies,[8] especially any with the words "blood," "terror," or "prom" in it. In fact, her room has books about serial killers and slasher films scattered across the floor; the walls are black, and vintage horror posters cover the windows.[3]


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