Divya Joshi is a Shadowhunter and a graduate of the Scholomance.


Divya lived in the Mumbai Institute until she attended the Scholomance at some point and became a Centurion.

In 2012, Divya was sent to the Los Angeles Institute as part of a team of Centurions tasked with finding Malcolm Fade's body and the Black Volume of the Dead. During her time in Los Angeles, Divya went on patrols with the other Centurions and tried to make friendly conversation with the Blackthorns, in contrast to Zara Dearborn and her condescending attitude towards the Institute's inhabitants.[1]


Divya is a quiet and friendly girl and, according to Diego Rosales, a good person. She has no problem with Downworlders and does not share the views of the Cohort.

Physical description

Divya is a pretty Indian girl with a gold stud in her nose.