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Diana Wrayburn
CJ Flowers, Diana
Biographical Information
Born: 1985[1]
Status: Alive



Institute tutor
Shop owner (former)


Los Angeles


The Clave


Unnamed father †
Unnamed brother †

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown

Diana Wrayburn is a Shadowhunter who used to run a weapons shop called Diana's Arrow in Alicante. After the Dark War, Diana volunteered to be stationed at Los Angeles to become the tutor of the Blackthorn children.


Early life

When she was young, Diana had a mentor who shaped her personality.[2]

Diana spent many years in Thailand and traveling Southeast Asia, either to fight demons or simply to travel, visiting Angkor Wat and other historical sites.[1] At one point, she went to Thailand and stayed there for a year, during which both her brother, who was also in Thailand, and her father died, making her the last of the Wrayburns.[2] After the Uprising, Diana inherited her father's weapons shop on Flintlock Street in Alicante.[3]

Dark War

Diana participated actively during the Clave meetings in Idris. Diana was appalled at the thought of losing Shadowhunters who had become Endarkened. The following day, Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale came to her shop in search of a new sword. Diana decided to give Clary Heosphoros, the Morgenstern blade no one has even considered buying ever since it was sold to them by Jocelyn.

During the battle, Diana tried to come to the aid of the Blackthorn children but was too late, having witnessed Julian Blackthorn's need to kill his own father. Both concerned for and impressed by their resilience, Diana offered to take Katerina's place as the children's tutor at the Los Angeles Institute, an offer which Consul Penhallow considered.[3]

Los Angeles

Eventually, Diana's request was approved. She moved to Los Angeles, where she got her own house in Santa Monica. She was acquainted with a warlock she frequently visited at Ojai.

Reminiscent of her own mentor, Diana wished to help Emma and the Blackthorns. Despite her responsibility, she refused to become the head of the Los Angeles Institute, despite knowing that Arthur Blackthorn was not a capable leader.[2]

Lady Midnight

After Emma and Cristina discover a murdered mundane covered in the same markings as Emma's parents, Diana is called and arrives to speak with Emma. She shows concern for Emma, as her parabatai Julian is in London and unable to help her cope with this new revelation. After Emma expresses a desire to view the body Diana explains that the Silent Brothers will not allow it; she promises to tell Emma anything she learns about the investigation.

Diana is fairly absent throughout Lady Midnight, taking a long trips away from the Institute.

Physical description

Diana has black hair and dark skin. Her eyes are "brown with flecks of green in them". On her cheek is a tattoo of a silver koi fish. When Diana first came to the Los Angeles Institute as the children's tutor, Emma thought she was "the most beautiful woman [she'd] ever seen."




  • Her favorite weapon is the throwing star.[1]
  • Diana is intentionally very secretive.[4][2][5]


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