Demon metal is a noble metal—meaning it is resistant to corrosion.


According to the Shadowhunter's Codex, the material is believed to have originated from the Void. It is black, but also believed to be transparent and glowing with black demonic power. It is considered the demonic equivalent of adamas—both create wounds that cannot be easily healed by seraphic Marks and would require more involved medical attention.[1] There are various kinds of demon metal, and each may require different forms of treatment.[2]

It can be used by demons to forge their weapons or armor, and it is supposedly rare to find it equipped by Downworlders or humans. There may be even weapons found in Institutes that are made of this material.[1]

Instances of uses

  • Woolsey Scott studied how demon metals and demon drugs affect lycanthropes, and how they can be healed, because of "certain incidents".[3] When Woolsey founded the Praetor Lupus, he stored this knowledge in the Praetor House library.[2]
  • Valentine Morgenstern used a whip made of demon metal to beat, or "discipline" as he'd put it, his son, Jonathan. Because no healing runes, not even an iratze, could heal the wounds made by the whip, it left permanent scars on his back that still seemed fresh even years after.[2]
  • Sebastian used a dagger made of demon metal to stab Luke Garroway. He burrowed the weapon deeply and pulled it out, but not before the tip of the blade broke off against one of his ribs and lodged in the bone. Because of the magical properties of the material, the tip was capable of moving on its own to avoid being removed from his body, almost making his condition worse by going deeper, almost snapping the bone in two, and through and began eating away his flesh. The warlock Magnus Bane needed specific instructions, and to know the exact kind of demon metal, before he could treat Luke. The Praetor was able to provide the salve that healed Luke; when applied to the wound, it filtered the poison from his blood and the demon steel was able to work its way free.[2]


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