SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Delan is one of the Seven Riders who serve the Unseelie King.


Delan was apparently born to Mannan and lived almost since the beginning of time. Along with his siblings, he served as a Rider of Mannan, doing the bidding of the Unseelie King. In the old days, he hunted giants and monsters with his siblings.

In September 2012, Delan and his siblings were sent after the Blackthorn family to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead for the Unseelie King. Delan, Fal, Ethna, and Airmed went after Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in Cornwall. A battle broke out, and the Riders initially overpowered the two, until Fal was killed by Emma. Delan was shocked but realized that it was due to her sword Cortana, and he held his sister Ethna back and warned her about it. He then retreated with the rest of his siblings.

He later went after the Blackthorns in London with the rest of the Riders and almost succeeded in killing Kit Herondale, until Emma sliced off his hand with Cortana. Annabel Blackthorn then appeared and threatened to reveal the Unseelie Kings's true name, and Delan once again retreated with his family.[1]

Personality and traits

Like all the Riders of Mannan, Delan is arrogant and confident in his abilities. He also enjoys carrying out his missions and finds his victims' fates amusing. Delan has a harsh and deep voice.[1]

Physical description

Delan is a tall man with radiant bronze hair woven into a thick braid that hangs halfway down his back. He wears a bronze half mask and cloak, as well as bronze armor etched all over with designs of waves and the sea.[1]

After the battle in London, Delan only has one hand.[1]


  • Longevity: As a Rider of Mannan, Delan is very old and has been alive for thousands of years.[1]
  • Enhanced strength and speed: Delan is able to move incredibly fast and deal heavy blows.
  • Deceit: As a Rider of Mannan, Delan is wild magic and could lie despite being a faerie.[1]