The Dearborn family is an old Shadowhunter family.


In the early 1800s, the Dearborns lived in Idris due to the Inquisitor at the time being one of their family members. Inquisitor Dearborn, a Centurion, was involved in torturing and then covering up the death of Annabel Blackthorn, as it benefited Shadowhunters at the time.[1]

During the Dark War in 2007, the Dearborns hid in Zurich rather than fight. Five years later Horace Dearborn, aided by his daughter Zara, gathered a radical group of Shadowhunters known as the Cohort and began campaigning against Downworlders, aiming to take over an Institute and pass the Registry as a Law.

Known members

Family tree

Unnamed D.
Inquisitor D.
Horace D.
Zara D.


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