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Daniel Roberts
Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Deceased



Maia Roberts (sister)

Physical Description

Daniel Roberts was the abusive older brother of Maia Roberts.



Daniel was gifted with a handsome face. Just from his looks alone, people often saw him as an innocent child; however, he was in fact the opposite and made no effort to convince everyone otherwise. He would pinch his sister Maia in areas that could not easily be found, changed her shampoo with bleach and, at one point, broke her arm. When Maia tried to convince her parents of Daniel's abusive behavior, they did not believe her.

After Daniel's fifteenth birthday, he was hit by a car and was killed instantly.

After death

During Daniel's funeral, Maia ashamedly felt relief and even long after his death, his memory still frightened Maia. When confronted by Agramon, the demon of fear, the demon took the shape of Daniel. She was once again haunted by him and her guilt for not crying at his funeral, which the illusion of Daniel accused her of. According to Valentine, the overwhelmed Maia was close to death before he intervened and stopped Agramon.[1]


Daniel was a cruel child; abusive, sadistic and vicious, he would light "the wings of butterflies on fire to watch them burn and die as they flew." Everyone around him did not see this side of him and only saw the innocence he projected. He reveled in their affections and, having total confidence in his own attraction, managed to fool everyone around him.

Physical description

Daniel was often described as "beautiful." He had dark hair that curled close to the nape of his neck. He inherited their mother's honey skin and huge, dark eyes. He had a lean body that Maia compared to Jace Lightwood's.


  • In some early copies of City of Ashes, Daniel is referred to as Maia's twin brother.


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