The Dahak is a known lesser species of demons. They are known to be unintelligent demons, yet are mean, tough, and defensive.


In 2007, Sebastian Morgenstern met with a Greater Demon who had six Dahak demons serving as its bodyguards. Clary overheard the demons gossiping about Sebastian, and they promptly attacked her. Sebastian, after apparently having killed the demon he had just met with, later returned and killed the ones remaining.


Something about the grotesque combination of lizard, insect, and alien made her stomach turn.

Clary Fray, City of Lost Souls

Dahak demons have hard green-brown, lizard-like skin. They possess a set of six octopus-like legs that make dry, skittering sounds when they move. They have large, bulbous heads resembling that of an alien's, set with a pair of faceted black eyes, tentacles, and long, dripping fangs.


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