Tarot 2

Cristina Rosales with the medallion around her neck.

You know I think the Angel has a plan for us. For you.

Cristina Rosales's belief, Lady Midnight

Cristina's medallion is a golden religious Shadowhunter pendant worn by Cristina to symbolize her faith in the Angel Raziel. The medallion is consecrated to Raziel, denoting the wearer's belief that the Angel was a living presence as opposed to a distant figure.


An image of Raziel is etched on the front, and a line on the back says, in Latin: "Blessed be the Angel my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight."

The medallion is a faerie charm, gifted to the Rosales family by the hadas (the faeries) they are connected to. The necklace has since become a family heirloom carried down through generations.[1]


Cristina often looks to the medallion for support, touching it when she needs luck, bravery, or strength, or when she feels nervous.[2]

The medallion also protects the wearer from the time differences between the mortal and faerie lands; the protection may also be extended to others if they stay close to the wearer of the medallion. It also allows non-faeries to take the moon's road into Faerieland, something which typically only those with faerie blood can do.[1]


  • The Latin words on its back were derived from the Bible,[3] reworded to fit Shadowhunter religion.


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