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“Their world was not the same shape as the one she knew.”

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Cornwall is a county in South West England in the United Kingdom.


Cornwall was where the first Nephilim settled on the British Isles and created the first Institute. Their battles against demons did not initially go unnoticed by mundanes, and tales about them went down in mundane legends mixed up with their own.[1]

In the 1800s, Malcolm Fade and Catarina Loss ran into some trouble with ley lines.[2]


The Cornwall Institute has been in Cornwall for many centuries, since the early years of the Nephilim.[1]

In the early 1800s, Malcolm Fade built a small cottage in Polperro for him and Annabel Blackthorn to live in. It remained empty for centuries until Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn went in 2012.[3]

Cornwall also had an access point to the convergence site held by Malcolm Fade.[2]

A few miles from Polperro proper is Porthallow Church, which is built on a junction of ley lines. It was abandoned for many years, until it was finally destroyed in 2012 after it began to attract hordes of demons.[3]


  • There are several Cornish piskies and seem to be the main fey population in the county.
  • A type of atropa belladonna that is deadlier than the average belladonna grows in Cornwall.[2]