Conrad is a werewolf who encountered Will Herondale at Green Man Inn.


Conrad was with several other werewolves at the common room of the inn when Will arrived. They stared and watched the Shadowhunter, and when Will abruptly left after supper, he, along with three others from his pack, Conrad confronted Will at the inn's stable.

For a long time after members of their pack began dying because of Mortmain's deceptions, the werewolves had blamed the Nephilim. When they came out to taunt Will, they intended to kill him. Will, however, put up a fight and killed two of them. One was injured, and another ran, leaving Conrad to face him. Before they could fight, Woolsey Scott arrived and stopped both of them. Submissive to the leader of the pack, Conrad obeyed but was held down by Will who, in hysterics, threatened to kill the young werewolf. Woolsey managed to talk Will down, and Conrad was released. Scott ordered him to run, which he did.