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Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Princess Pendant
Status: Non functional
Creator: John Shade
Original owner/s: Elizabeth Gray
Current owner/s: Tessa Gray
Type: Clockwork pendant
Purpose: Life protection for the one wears it

The clockwork angel was a pendant worn and owned by Tessa Gray and previously by Elizabeth Gray. It had the soul of the angel Ithuriel trapped inside of it in order to protect Tessa from death.

History Edit

The clockwork angel was made by John Shade as a gift to his wife Anne, but he never got a chance to finish it. His adopted son, Axel Mortmain, spent years finishing the pendant. He tuned it to Tessa's life, while she was still unborn and gave it to her mother, Elizabeth, to someday pass onto her to make sure that Tessa would not be born stillborn. The Angel, since tuned to Tessa's life, was designed to save her from death. Elizabeth continued to wear it after Tessa's birth and even had it with her when she died in the carriage accident.

After Elizabeth's death, Tessa's brother, Nate, found it in their mother's jewelry box and gave it to Tessa when he found that he could not wind the clockwork. After that, Tessa has always worn it, even sleeping with it around her neck. She saw it as a symbol of her mother and her life in New York. Tessa brought it with her when she came to England.

When Mortmain attacked the London Institute, the angel grew blades and fought of the automatons. It disappeared for a while but returned to her days later. The angel again saved her life in Yorkshire when an automaton sent by Mortmain attacked them in Yorkshire.

When Tessa, posing as Jessamine Lovelace, went to see Nate, she left the pendant behind. Before he died, Nate told her to keep the pendant close. When Tessa soon learned the truth about the pendant from Mortmain himself, she tried to destroy the pendant, only to summon Ithuriel. Tessa then used the angel pendant to Change into Ithuriel to defeat Mortmain, which also almost killed her in the process. This set Ithuriel free, and caused the angel pendant to stop ticking.

By 2007, the pendant is kept inside a glass display case in the library of the New York Institute. Clary Fray came across it while attempting to steal a pair of rings for the Seelie Queen.

Trivia Edit

  • Tessa had been trying to Change into her mother with the pendant, but it never worked.
  • After a night with Will Herondale, the angel touched his shoulder and left behind a star-shaped mark that soon became a birthmark every Herondale was born with.

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