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Clary Fray
Portrayed by Lily Collins
Photo Clary 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Clarissa Adele
Born: August 1991/1992
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Alias: Clarissa Fray
Nickname/s: Clary
Species: Shadowhunter
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Family: Valentine Morgenstern † (father)
Jocelyn Fairchild (mother)
Jonathan Morgenstern (brother)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Dark brown (movie)
Height: Around 5'2"

Clary Fray is the Shadowhunter daughter of Jocelyn Fray and notorious Circle leader Valentine Morgenstern. For years, Clary lived a mundane life with Jocelyn until Valentine was discovered to be alive, throwing their lives out of balance as Clary finds herself in a journey with fellow Shadowhunters to save her mother.

Subject to her father's experiments, Clary was unwittingly given the ability to create new runes because of the extra angel blood running through her veins.


Early life

Clarissa Adele Morgenstern was born to Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fairchild-Morgenstern, roughly a year after her older brother, Jonathan. If her father had known about her and had his way, she would have been named Seraphina, after Valentine's mother.

Jocelyn had turned against her father's ideals months before her conception. During the time after her mother's first child was born, she was suffering depression because of her strange feelings of rejection towards her son. Hoping to help Jocelyn, Valentine secretly gave her doses of the angel Ithuriel's blood, hoping to "cure" her depression, unaware that she was pregnant with Clary, therefore making his daughter an "accidental" experiment.

Eventually, Jocelyn plotted the Uprising with Lucian Graymark against Valentine. She would have just left him, but realized that he would come after them, so she hoped to kill Valentine to protect her unborn child. When she and Luke believed they had finally succeeded, she ran from the Shadowhunter world and culture, claiming that Valentine had turned her first child into a monster and wouldn't let him do the same to her other, fled to New York to raise Clary away from her past, where Luke later followed them.

Jocelyn hoped that Clary would have a blind Inner Eye since some Shadowhunters need to be trained to see the Shadow World. However, Clary saw the Shadow World perfectly fine, and when she was three, Clary even played with faeries in the park. This prompted her mother to approach Magnus Bane and asked him remove her Inner Eye. Unable to do so without putting Clary at risk, Magnus instead made Clary temporarily blind to the Shadow World with a spell that needed to be recast every two years.

Along with Magnus on the day Jocelyn approached him was Tessa Gray, who volunteered to perform the ritual that would place the necessary protection spells on her, typically performed on Shadowhunter children by an Iron Sister and a Silent BrotherBrother Zachariah in her case. Clary and Jocelyn then took the surname "Fray".[1]

Clary was five when Luke finally found her and Jocelyn. Seeing how well Clary got along with him, Jocelyn allowed Luke to stay and become a staple part of their lives. In fact, he became so intermixed with Clary's life that they began to share an almost paternal relationship, with Clary admitting that she has always seen Luke as her father. When Clary was six years old, she met Simon Lewis and the two grew to be inseparable, becoming best friends. However, Simon eventually fell in love with Clary, and he hid it poorly from everyone except her, who was rather oblivious to his feelings for her. Clary never knew of his feelings and simply thought of him as her best friend, a brother at the most.

Growing up, she was led to believe that her father was a deceased soldier named Jonathan Clark, and that the box in her mother's room with the initials J.C. were his.

Jocelyn's disappearance

Two years after her last session with Magnus Bane, Clary encountered a group of Shadowhunters while at the Pandemonium Club with Simon. The next day, Clary is told by Jocelyn and Luke that they will be taking a sudden trip to Luke's farmhouse upstate, therefore ruining her plans for the summer. Infuriated, Clary does not listen to their reason and leaves with Simon, who was mustering the courage. Clary is also stalked by one of the Shadowhunters, Jace Lightwood, sent by his mentor, Hodge Starkweather.

Later that evening, during a confrontation with Jace, Clary received constant calls from her mother. Although she managed to take her last call, it seemed too late as Jocelyn was telling her to stay away from their apartment. Against her mother's wishes, Clary frantically rushed over to their brownstone, nervous about the panic in her mother's voice and the strange noises she heard while on the phone with Jocelyn. Their home trashed and her mom gone, Clary is then attacked by a Ravener demon. With the Sensor she "borrowed" from Jace and mistook for a phone, Clary killed it but was poisoned in the process. To protect her from demons lurking outside their house, Clary was Marked and brought to the New York Institute to heal, as Jace, still uncertain about what Clary is, feared what the rune might do to Clary.

At the Institute, Clary is introduced to its inhabitants: Hodge, and the other Shadowhunters with Jace at the Pandemonium Club, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood. With Hodge's confirmation, it is revealed that Clary is a Shadowhunter.

Soon after, Jace and Clary are attacked by a Forsaken at the brownstone. Since Madame Dorothea, who claims to be a psychic, lives on the floor below them, Clary gave her a visit to interrogate her about the night her mother disappeared. Through her, Clary learned that her mother was indeed kidnapped and could have fled through the Portal in her apartment but refused to do so without Clary.

Clary reached out to Luke, who she found out to be a werewolf and former Shadowhunter Lucian Graymark. While he briefly turned her away, it is revealed that he did so to protect her from the Circle members tailing him. Luke took leadership of the local lycanthrope pack to help look after Clary and search for her mother.

With further investigation, which involved a meeting with Silent Brothers at the Silent City, it is revealed that Clary's mind memories of the Shadow World was being filtered and blocked from her mind every two years by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. Now aware of her background, Clary learned more about the Shadow World. She was also told more about her family, particularly her parents: Jocelyn Fairchild and her husband Valentine Morgenstern, who plotted against the Clave and was believed to have been dead for years.

Along the way, Clary fell in love with her new companion Jace. On her birthday, Jace gave Clary her first witchlight, and the pair share their first kiss in the Institute's greenhouse. They were unable to pursue a relationship as their other friendships, particularly with Simon and Jace's parabatai Alec, complicated things.

Eventually, they discovered that Valentine is after the Mortal Cup, which Jocelyn hid from her when she ran. When Clary discovered that she could hide physical objects in drawings, she realized that her mother may have done the same with the cup. Remembering the Ace of Cups card in the tarot deck Jocelyn made for Madame Dorothea, the group paid the charlatan a visit. Although they retrieved the Cup, Dorothea was possessed by Abbadon and battled the group, gravely injuring Alec.

To their surprise, Hodge betrayed them by summoning Valentine to the Institute and giving him the Cup and Jace. Luke defended her when he threatened to kill her, and, together with his pack, head over to Renwick's to rescue Jace and Jocelyn. During the confrontation, Valentine revealed that Jace was in fact his and Jocelyn's first child, Jonathan. Jace confirmed this as it was actually Valentine that raised him and made him believe that they were the Waylands. In the confusion, Valentine escaped through the ruin's Portal, taking the Cup with him. Clary managed to convince Jace, who wanted to go after Valentine, to turn his back on their father.

Fortunately, they were able to keep Jocelyn, albeit in her comatose state. Jocelyn was confined to Beth Israel Hospital, and Clary, and Luke, visited her every day.

Gift with Marks

Now led to believe that they are siblings, Clary and Jace distance themselves from one another. Clary begins seeing Simon, who finally managed to tell her how he feels. However, Clary and Jace evidently still harbor feelings for each other, despite the recent revelation.

work in progress

Trip to Idris

work in progress

The Mortal War

work in progress


Clary is portrayed as being incredibly stubborn and a little sarcastic, but is a very caring person, with lots of compassion for her friends and family. Her extreme stubbornness might have taken root because of the fact that her mother was extremely protective of her as a child. She goes to extreme lengths to accomplish what she wants, usually putting herself in danger, leaving those people who care for her, especially Jace and Jocelyn, extremely exasperated. Jace has even stated that her stubbornness matches his, which he figures was the reason they could not stand each other when they had first met.

She is also an artist like her mother, Jocelyn. She keeps a notepad of paper where she often draws out her emotions and feelings through pictures; which she says is her version of a diary, just using pictures instead of words.

Physical description

She is often said to look almost exactly like Jocelyn, with green eyes and curly red hair, though she does not see it, nor does she see the beauty others often see in her. In City of Bones, she says that she is a smaller, less beautiful, and more childlike version of her mother, and sometimes comments on her lack of breasts. She says that she has carrot-colored hair, rather than Jocelyn's red hair, although most people disagree, and also says that she has a light dusting of freckles and is around 5 feet tall.

It is mentioned a few times that she dresses in a boyish fashion, wearing T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, which sometimes annoys Isabelle, who then picks out nicer clothes for her to wear. Though later on in the series, she slowly sheds her usually boyish fashion and begins to put an effort into fixing herself up more often. She is told by a few guys to be cute or beautiful, despite what she personally thinks of herself. Jace (as seen in bonus material from his view) is also shown to find her beautiful and says that Clary, unlike other girls, just doesn't know it.


  • Angel Blood: While all Shadowhunters have the angel Raziel's blood in them, Clary, along with Jace, has considerably more angel blood flowing through her veins due to Valentine's experiments. Clary was given the blood of Ithuriel, seemingly making her more special and giving her the ability to see and draw Marks not found in the Gray Book.
  • Runes: Clary has had several Marks placed on her skin, giving varied effects.
  • Odd runes: Clary has visions of symbols that translate well as runes, but none of which are familiar to Shadowhunters and have been considered new runes. The full extent of her ability is yet to be revealed. Whether the "new" runes she summons are truly new and from her mind, or are already extant and merely distant memories of runes merely not included in the Gray Book is unknown.


Unknown man
Seraphina M.
Granville F. II
Adele N.
Valentine M.
Jocelyn F.
Clary F.
Jonathan M.


Main Article: Clary Fray/Relationships


Clary has a generally good and close relationship with her mother. Jocelyn kept Clary away from the Shadow World for years, hoping to protect her. However, when she was unexpectedly taken by Valentine, Clary was unwittingly introduced into the world of the Shadowhunters, a necessary danger in Clary's efforts to find and rescue her.

During her search, Clary learned more about the Shadow World and her mother, realizing that the Jocelyn everyone remembers is nothing like the Jocelyn she knew. Nonetheless, Clary continued to fight vehemently to find her mother, refusing to believe that she is dead. When she found her in a coma, Clary visited her and talked to her in the hospital almost every day. She did everything she could to revive her. When Jocelyn was finally awakened, Clary's released her pent up anger for being kept in the dark for so long.

Clary and Jocelyn often debate about what they think is best for Clary, with Clary often wanting to make her independence a point. Despite their differences and frequent arguing, they love each other dearly.

Despite being her biological father, Clary does not feel any sympathy or paternal love towards Valentine. She chooses not to believe anything he says, knowing that Valentine is a good liar with only evil intentions. Clary even, to some extent, refuses to so much as acknowledge him as her father, often referring to him by his name, and annoying him when she does. After her father's death, she tries to forget about him but is often reminded of him whenever she thinks of her brother. She is also visibly affected when people bring him up.

Tarot Rings 7

Clary's first encounter with her brother was while he was under the guise of Sebastian Verlac during her first trip to Idris. While she was oblivious of her relation to him, he was completely aware yet continued to behave as if they were unrelated and had even kissed her.

After his initial death, Clary tried to forget about him and Valentine. When Lilith then began the process to resurrect Jonathan, she, along with Jace and Simon, did what they could to prevent it. When Jace disappeared along with Jonathan's corpse, Clary begun to hate Jonathan even more for taking Jace away.

Clary joined Jonathan and Jace when the two boys became bound to one another. During the time Clary got to know her brother, his motives and their lineage, Clary questioned her opinion of him, until Jace informed her of Jonathan's plans to create Dark Shadowhunters like him through an "Infernal Cup".

Despite being fully aware that he and Clary are related, Jonathan informed Clary that he wants to have her in all ways, saying that they are destined for each other as they are the last Morgensterns left. Jonathan had even tried to rape her and would have killed him on several occasions, if not for his connection to Jace.

Love interests

Main Article: Clary Fray/Relationships#Jace Lightwood
X Tarot 6

Jace is Clary's primary love interest throughout the series. Initially, they appear to find each other's presence a nuisance, albeit drawn to one another. In their months together, however, they inevitably fall in love. The two share their first kiss at the Institute's greenhouse.

Several hardships and conflicts arise that complicate their relationship. They were tricked by Clary's father into believing that they are siblings. Despite this, they find it hard to deny their feelings for each other. They even kissed on more than one occasion, while still under he impression that they were siblings. Jace began to keep his distance, scared of his "incestuous" emotions, and Clary even dated Simon.

Once freed from the lies that tore them apart, they began officially dating and were even happy for a while. Lilith began controlling Jace, giving him dreams of killing Clary. Fearing that he might harm her in real life, Jace closed himself off again. When Clary found out that Jace has become bound to Jonathan, she devised a plan with Simon: she will join Jace and Jonathan to find out her brother's plans, while their friends in New York search for a way to split Jace and Jonathan. Their travels together gave her and Jace time to be together. Eventually, their bond was broken, and Jace and Clary are free to be together again.

Main Article: Clary Fray/Relationships#Simon Lewis

Simon is Clary's childhood best and oldest friend. Best friends since they were six, while Clary saw Simon as nothing more than a good friend and a brother figure, Simon developed feelings for Clary and was never able to admit these to her until ten years later, spurred by jealousy of her budding romance with Jace.

They briefly date after Clary's fallout with Jace. Eventually, Simon learned to accept that Clary does not feel the same way about him and moves on. They remain best friends and continue to care for one another. According to Clary, it is likely that she would have developed feelings for him had she never been introduced to the Shadow World, and Jace.


Growing up, Clary was led to believe that her father was dead. Clary was five when she first met Luke. Clary quickly got along with Luke, who then continued to care for and raise her, along with Jocelyn. Eventually, Clary grew to love Luke like a father; not only was Luke the only father figure to her, but Clary also sees Luke more like her real father than Valentine.

Isabelle Lightwood initially disliked Clary intensely because she felt that Clary messed up the dynamics between the original trio, Alec, Jace and Izzy. Gradually though, their relationship improved as they set aside their differences and chose to form a sort of amity and camaraderie. They eventually became good friends who are there for each other and have opened up to one another on several occasions.

Alec Lightwood used to be hostile towards Clary. He did not think much about her personality and mainly focused on how fixated on her Jace seemed to be. He claimed to think that Clary may be affecting Jace in a negative way, but Clary saw through this and realized that Alec was in fact jealous because he was in love with Jace. His attitude towards her worsens after Clary decides to fight back.

Things begin to get better when everyone, briefly, believed that Jace and Clary were siblings. Even after this was revealed to be false, Clary and Alec were already amicable as Alec had moved on from Jace, who made it clear that they were nothing more than brothers and parabatai, with Magnus.

work in progress

work in progress


LilyClary 1st Official Poster
Young Clarys

Clary Fray was portrayed by Lily Collins in the film adaptation, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Prior to being cast, she was said to have been a huge fan of the series. Lily underwent a screen test with Jamie Campbell Bower, after which he was cast as Jace Lightwood. Young versions of Clary were portrayed by Hope Fleury and another young actress.

In the film, Clary was portrayed as a 17-year-old who turned 18 in the film, two years older than she is in the series.


  • Clary, like the Herondales and Jocelyn, has a white star-shaped scar on her shoulder. They all received it because of Ithuriel. Unlike them though, Clary got hers because she was born with angel blood through Valentine's experiments.
  • Clary cuts her own hair.[2]
  • Clary supposedly turned 16 in 2007, and was born in 1991. However, the Uprising and the signing of the Ninth Accords took place in 1992, during which Jocelyn was only a few weeks pregnant.
  • Clary was originally named two of Cassie's friends: Valerie Frayre, after the artist who designed the runes, which she later changed to Valerie Frayne. Then when a friend of hers was also writing a book with a heroine named Valerie, she changed it to Clary, another personal friend. Her editor later made the decision to finally name her Clary Fray. Cassandra then decided to make Clary a nickname for Clarice, later changed to her current name, Clarissa.[3]


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