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Charlotte Branwell
CJ Flowers, Charlotte
Biographical Information
Full name: Charlotte Mary Branwell (née Fairchild)
Born: 1854/1855
Age: 23 (as of 1878)
Status: Alive
Also known as: Lottie (by Henry)
Species: Shadowhunter
Occupation: Consul
Head of the London Institute (former)
Residence: Idris
London Institute (former)
Allegiance: Enclave
Family: Granville Fairchild † (father)
Henry Branwell (husband)
Charles Fairchild (son)
Matthew Fairchild (son)
Unnamed daughters[1]
Buford Branwell (father-in-law)
Callida Fairchild (aunt)
Fairchild family
Branwell family
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Charlotte Branwell (neé Fairchild) is the former head of the London Institute and the wife of Henry Branwell. In 1878, Charlotte became the first female Consul.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Charlotte Fairchild was born to Granville Fairchild and his wife in the 1850s. She had been their only child and Granville was always disappointed that he didn't have a son. As compromise, Granville instead put all of his efforts into training his daughter to be the best she could be. Part of this training was teaching Charlotte to become a leader, preparing her to take over the Institute. Thus, Charlotte was raised to be dutiful and responsible.[2] From a very young age, Charlotte already knew the role she was set to take on in the future.[3] Despite this upbringing, Charlotte grew to be a kind and gentle woman.

At one point, Charlotte met Henry Branwell, the son of her father's good friend Buford. She admired Henry and eventually fell in love with him; however, she did not believe that he shared her feelings. When she was roughly sixteen, her father told her that Henry had asked for her hand in marriage, implying heavily that he did it to resolve a debt between their fathers. Charlotte agreed to it simply because she thought that he might grow to love her in time.[2]

In 1873, twelve-year-old Will Herondale came to live at the Institute after running away from his family in Wales. Though he turned down her every attempt at kindness, Charlotte and Henry worked to help him. When Jem Carstairs came to the Institute, Charlotte was delighted to see that he helped soften Will's tough exterior.[4]

Sometime later, her father died. As his last request, Consul Josiah Wayland named Charlotte, and her husband Henry, heads of the London Institute and Enclave.[2]

Mystery of the Magister Edit

In 1878, Will and Jem began investigating the Pandemonium Club. The investigation led them to the Dark House, where the warlock, though one unaware of her nature, Tessa Gray was being held prisoner. Upon her rescue, Charlotte consoled Tessa and asked her to stay with them, not only to recuperate for the time being, but also to help in their investigation of the Pandemonium Club; in exchange, she promised that they would help her find her brother, Nate, and discover what she is.

When Henry's study of the corpses found in the Dark House showed that the Dark Sisters used gears supplied by Mortmain and Company, Charlotte and Henry went to question its owned, the mundane Axel Mortmain to question him about his dealings with Downworlders, the Club, and his employment of Tessa's brother, Nate. When Mortmain at first refused to cooperate fully, in apparent fear of the Magister's wrath. To get him to talk, Charlotte tricked him with Henry's prototype Sensor, telling him that it was a Summoner that would call on a force of the Enclave, threatening to have him tortured. When Mortmain told them that the head of the club was de Quincey, also known as the Magister. Charlotte immediately became concerned as de Quincey was an influential figure in the Downworld, the leader of a powerful London vampire clan, and a supposed ally of the Clave.

To further investigate, the Clave decided to infiltrate one of de Quincey's blood parties, revealed to them by Camille Belcourt. It was agreed upon that Tessa would attend the party disguised as Camille, with the promise that Nate would be rescued if he was there. Charlotte was among the Shadowhunters lying in wait for Will's signal and later broke into the party after the signal, using Henry's defective Phosphor, set some things inside on fire. Charlotte and the others battled and killed as much vampires as they could as they have been proven to be breaking and openly-defying the Accords.

Mortmain later told them that de Quincey was hiding in one of his London townhouses with hundreds of vampires and was about preparing to unleash his demonic clockwork army that evening. Charlotte and the rest of the adult Enclave members rushed off to follow Mortmain's advice to deal with de Quincey, leaving the underage Shadowhunters, Tessa, and the other servants in the Institue.

They ambushed de Quincey in his London townhouse but were surprised to find him in hiding with only a few vampires. De Quincey laughed at them when they questioned him about being the Magister shortly before he was killed, and Charlotte realized that they had been tricked by Mortmain. Worried for those left at the Institute, they rushed right back.[5]

Looking for Mortmain Edit

Charlotte attended her hearing before the Clave, where she was questioned under the Mortal Sword, about her failure to deal with the Magister. Consul Wayland decreed that all those living in the London Institute must undergo training to protect themselves from hostile forces. He gave her two weeks to find Mortmain, or she would be replaced by Benedict Lightwood as head of the London Institute.

Wayland and Charlotte conversed after the meeting ended, him telling her that finding Mortmain was her job anyway and now it would simply be examined within two weeks. Charlotte kicked a wall when she heard that, because she didn't believe that she could find him on a time limit, though she and Henry resolved to try.

The residents of the London Institute, spearheaded by Charlotte, researched dozens of files and papers about Mortmain to see what they could find about him. This led to nothing so Charlotte spoke with the Silent Brothers to see if they had anything. As luck would have it, they did have records of Reparations filed by Mortmain with the full details being kept at the York Institute. Charlotte wrote to the head of the Institute, Aloysius Starkweather, to ask for the files. On the grounds that he hated all Fairchilds, Charlotte's family, he refused to send the papers. Therefore Charlotte agreed to let Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, and Tessa Gray go to Yorkshire to retrieve the files.

When Will told her that werewolves were buying yin fen on Mortmain's orders, Charlotte arranged a meeting with the head of the London Werewolf pack, Woolsey Scott. Charlotte was upset that Henry didn't realize that she wanted him to accompany her to the meeting, but she put her feelings aside to get her job done. Scott agreed to help Charlotte but informed her that he knew nothing of Mortmain's plans.

Charlotte contacted Ragnor Fell to watch over the Herondale family in Yorkshire, a job that she had previously hired him to do. Fell sent word to her later in the week that Mortmain was using the Herondales to prevent tracking and to give him control over Will if he ever needed it. This worried Charlotte as she knew that Will did deeply love his family and that he might do something rash to protect them.

When Jessamine was proved to be a spy, Charlotte was shocked and horrified. She oversaw Jessamine's trial and harshly questioned her for information about Mortmain's plans. When everything ended, she burst into tears. 

The residents of the London Institute needed to find Nate Gray so they needed to contact him. However, Jessamine would never talk to Charlotte, so she deigned to let Tessa and Jem speak to her. Then, with the information that Jessamine gave them, Charlotte oversaw a plan to capture Nate.

When the plan came to fruition, Charlotte went searching through the warehouse with the rest of the Shadowhunters. She vomited at the sight of a dead werewolf, and ran out of the room. She was knocked unconscious by an old Automaton on the orders of Nathaniel Gray, and was helpless for the rest of the battle. She wasn't conscious to see her husband Henry charge down the clockwork monster attacking her to push it away.

When everything had ended, Charlotte felt that there was nothing she could do to keep her position as head of the Institute so she decided to keep her pride and resign. Henry interrupted her writing her resignation letter for the both of them and told her that she couldn't resign. They said that they loved one another and for the first time Charlotte knew that her husband did love her.

At that point Will came in and said that Charlotte could not resign as head of the Institute, saying that he was grateful for all that she had done for him and as repayment he wasn't going to let her make that mistake. Charlotte was flabbergasted by his behavior and contemplated it being a fake Will.

When Sophie revealed to Charlotte and the others that Benedict had demon pox, Will came up with the idea of blackmailing him. Charlotte went for it and immediately set off to meet with Benedict. While there, a heated argument ensued during which Gideon Lightwood sided with Charlotte and left with them, revealing that she had given him a note explaining what they had learned about his father, and he chose to believe it.

The Council meeting came and Benedict gave Charlotte his full support, weaving a tale of them discovering who Mortmain was and how that was a good thing. The Council voted to let Charlotte keep the Institute and she went with the others to celebrate.

While celebrating, Charlotte announced that she and Henry were expecting their first child, a boy. Henry was overjoyed with the news and waltzed her around the room before becoming overprotective and worrying for the baby. He and Charlotte argued over him wanting to name the baby Buford, after his father, but she hated it. The book ended with them greeting Cecily Herondale when she came to the Institute to be trained as a Shadowhunter.[2]

Battle with Automatons Edit

Charlotte was noticeably pregnant and excited over the wedding of Jem and Tessa. She was helping Tessa try on her wedding dress. When Gabriel Lightwood came to the Institute saying that his father, Benedict was turning into a demon due to demon pox, Charlotte immediately asked if he was injured because she saw all the blood on him.

It was revealed in letters that the Council was considering making Charlotte the new Consul because Josiah Wayland's term is ending. However the Consul did not approve of their decision as he realized that Charlotte was not a weak woman who could easily be controlled. He blackmailed Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood into spying on her correspondence to try and reveal a way to get her dismissed from her post.

After Will Herondale travelled to Wales to rescue Tessa, Charlotte realized that they would not catch up with him and so they must try and find a cure for the dying Jem. She ordered all of them to search the library for possible cures and orders Magnus Bane to help them too, as she blamed him for letting Will run after Tessa. Charlotte visited Jem and he asked her to stop looking for a cure, and to call the Silent Brothers instead. She did what he wanted and asked the members of the Institute to say goodbye to Jem, however Gabriel and Cecily couldn't face it.

Charlotte broadcasted a message to all Shadowhunters asking for their assistance in helping them rescue Tessa and Will, contrary to the orders of Consul Wayland. However, no other Shadowhunters arrivd to assist them, apart from three Silent Brothers who revealed that Consul Wayland called a Clave meeting that was compulsory to attend. The Shadowhunters used a Portal that Henry invented with the help of Magnus' magic and runes.

Henry fiddled with an automaton which made it come alive, it grabbed Henry and broke his spine. Charlotte went hysterical and defended Henry's body from the attacking automatons. Sophie tried to make Charlotte get up and leave Henry but she saw that he had a faint pulse.[4]

Later life Edit

Charlotte became pregnant with her first child with Henry, whom they later named Charles Fairchild. Seven years later, they had a second son, Matthew. The couple also eventually had daughters.[1]

Charlotte and her then grown-up children were present on the day of Will's death.[4]

Personality Edit

Charlotte is a kind and loving person who is generally easy to adore, often seen as motherly and trusting. It is because of these traits that Charlotte effortlessly gains and earns faith and loyalty.

Because of her small physique, Charlotte is often underestimated and thought to be weak or easily manipulated. However, despite her size, Charlotte is actually a powerful authority figure, very capable of leading and impressing her power over others. She is highly responsible, able to run the entire Institute with an iron fist, even though she was just out of her teenage years.

Physical description Edit

Charlotte is a very small woman, almost child-sized, with thick, dark brown hair, a neat face, and dark brown eyes. Charlotte also did not actually need to wear a corset because of her already slim, practically skinny, frame.

Possessions Edit

  • Electrum whip: Charlotte is known to fight with an electrum-laced whip.

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