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Cecily Lightwood
CJ Cecily
Biographical Information
Full name: Cecily Lightwood (née Herondale)
Born: 1864, Wales
Age: 15 (as of 1878)
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Cecy
Species: Shadowhunter
Residence: London Institute, London
Ravenscar manor, York (former)
Wales (former)
Allegiance: Enclave
Family: Gabriel Lightwood (husband)
Anna Lightwood(daughter)
Christopher Lightwood (son)
Alexander Lightwood (son)
Edmund Herondale (father)
Linette Owens (mother)
Ella Herondale † (sister)
Will Herondale (brother)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

Cecily Herondale is the younger sister of Will Herondale and the wife of Gabriel Lightwood.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born in 1863, Cecily is the youngest of the three children of Linette and Edmund Herondale. Cecily and her siblings were raised in Wales, believing that Shadowhunters were monsters. When she was nine years old, her older sister, Ella, died of demon poison after the demon Marbas was released by her brother, Will. For reasons they could not understand then, Will, racked with guilt and fear, ran away from home and went to London to become a Shadowhunter.

Years after, when her father lost their family's house and fortune through gambling, they were forced to move to York, where Axel Mortmain offered them amanor in Ravenscar.

The Infernal DevicesEdit

Clockwork AngelEdit

When William Herondale bites Alexei de Quincey, a vampire, he has to purge himself by swallowing holy water. Tessa Gray brings another bucket to him, he cries for 'Cecily', leading Tessa to believe that Cecily is someone who he was romantically involved with, not knowing that she is actually his sister since Will refuses to talk about his family.

Clockwork PrinceEdit

Her brother, Will, along with his parabatai Jem and Tessa, travel to the York Institute, and then on to the old home of Axel Mortmain. Will sees her get out of a coach and enter the house, he tries to run to her, but is stopped by Jem, who points out that one of the Magister's clockwork automatons is watching them. In the epilogue, she enters the Institute, and says that she wants to be trained.

Clockwork PrincessEdit

It is revealed in teasers, that she gets into arguments with Will a lot. She is being trained by Will, and bets him that if she can throw the knife at the target three times in a row, he will write to their parents explaining the curse and the reason why he ran away. Cecily hits the target three times, and orders Will to write the letter; however, he says he will write the letter but that he never promised to send it to them. They end up arguing with each other and Will says he will write a letter to his parents as long as Cecily delivers it and never returns to the London Institute. She refuses to leave and stays at the Institute.

Cecily immediately demands to be a member of the party that travels to the Lightwood family mansion when Gabriel Lightwood arrives asking for help, as his father has turned into a giant worm due to him contracting Demon Pox. She bravely climbs a tree in search of the giant worm. When Benedict the worm attacks the Shadowhunters, she jumps onto its back, stabbing it with a seraph blade. This act earns her the admiration of Gabriel since she has not had much training. Her time at the Institute awakens her Shadowhunter blood and her love for battle, which leads to her realization that she belongs at the Institute.

When Jem runs out of yin fen, Will promises to buy some from a ifrit den and Cecily follows him, however, he asks her to return home as she is unglamoured in an unsavoury part of London.

Over the course of the book, she falls in love with Gabriel Lightwood, whom she later marries and has three children with.

Personality and traits Edit

In Clockwork Prince, Will describes her as being "a little mad creature" when she was a child. He said that she was afraid of nothing but demanded everything, and was surprisingly good at fighting and swearing for her age. She is also said to have inherited the "bitter sense of humor" that is passed down through the Herondale bloodline, just like Ella did.

In Clockwork Princess, Cecily is shown to be very brave and is willing to sacrifice herself in order to win a battle. She is very stubborn and refuses to be told what to do, even if it is for her own good. She is very protective of the people that she cares about and is willing to do anything for them. She proves herself to be very loyal and trustworthy to the Shadowhunters even though she was unsure on her opinion of them at first. Cecily is also shown to have a softer side when it comes to romance, proven when she tears up after Gideon and Sophie become engaged.

Physical description Edit

Cecily is described as having the same gleaming black hair and startling dark blue eyes as her mother and older brother. She is said to have pale skin, high cheekbones, and full lips. Her resemblance to Will is said to be "unnerving" and is said to look exactly like him, especially when she scowls. Cecily is considered to be a very beautiful girl and is "as pretty as Will is handsome". She is said to look small and defenseless when she relaxes after being angry, but she is stronger than she looks.

Trivia Edit

  • Cecily's necklace, given to her by Will, has been passed down the succeeding generations of the Lightwood family. It now belongs to her descendant, Isabelle Lightwood.

References Edit

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