Caroline Connor is the mundane CFO and vice president of marketing of Sigblad Enterprises, a part of the Pandemonium Enterprises. She is particularly responsible for the department that provided entertainment for customers in a nautical environment—such as cruises and gourmet meals on yachts with a view of the magical denizens of the city waters.


At some point, the Pandemonium began encountering problems with mermaids who did not like being stared at and dragged their wealthy customers into the river. In September 2007, Ms. Connor approached the infamous warlock Magnus Bane, recommended to her by associates. She asked him to summon a cecaelia demon. Having promised him a large sum, Magnus agreed to do so without asking questions. When she found out that the summoning may take time, she left for a lunch meeting and returned hours after.

When she returned, the demon Elyaas had been summoned, and had already made a mess in Magnus' apartment. She immediately told them what they needed Elyaas for, much to Magnus' frustration, who realized that he could have solved their problem without the hassle of summoning, and putting up with, a demon or cursing the mermaids of New York, which were the orders simply given to Connor. However, when told of a more efficient way to deal with the mermaids, Connor agreed and still proceeded with the business transaction with Magnus.

Physical description

Caroline Connor is an Irish woman in her mid-thirties. She has thick red hair and pale, white skin. She was wearing a boxy but expensive-looking blue suit when she came to meet Magnus.