Canter's Deli is a 24-hour diner located on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. Practically everything in the diner is yellow; the walls, the booths and even most of the food was a shade of yellow.


Emma Carstairs has been going to Canter's with her parents, John and Cordelia, since she was four years old.

One evening, Emma and the other young residents of the Los Angeles Institute went to the diner for something to eat. Mark Blackthorn was very conspicuous at the restaurant, ordering a plate of strawberries, using the gentry language of the faeries, and flirting with a bunch of mundane girls. In order to get him out of the restaurant, Livia Blackthorn told the girls that Mark had syphilis, who then exclaimed that there were no STDs in Faerieland. The girls became confused, and Livvy took the opportunity to drag Mark out of the diner.