Cameron Ashdown is a Shadowhunter and Emma's ex-boyfriend.


For some time, Cameron became Emma's on-and-off boyfriend, with Emma constantly getting back together with him and breaking up every four months or so.

Cameron took an unusual interest in mundane sports, his favorite being soccer. Cameron secretly dreamed of joining a local soccer club. He would often go running with Emma when they were dating, both to remain fit for training and in condition for soccer.[2]

By August 2012, he and Emma were dating again. He accompanied her to the Shadow Market, disapproving of her transactions with the mysterious Johnny Rook. A few days later, Emma broke up with him again over the phone.

Cameron later called Emma to say that he was worried about her, as someone at the Shadow Market had mentioned a threat towards Emma they'd heard.[1]

Physical description

Cameron is red-haired, tall, and muscular.



  • Cameron likes playing video games.[1]
  • Cameron's favorite weapon is the seraph blade.[2]
  • Cameron has some hidden depths that will be on display in Queen of Air and Darkness, where he will have an unexpected part to play.[5]
  • He will have a love interest that's not Emma, "in a somewhat unexpected way."[6]