This is no simple protection spell, Daylighter. Do you know what Cain's punishment was? And now thou art cursed from the earth. A fugitive and a wanderer shalt thou be.'

Raphael Santiago to Simon Lewis, City of Glass

Cain is the recipient of what is believed to be the very first recorded rune—the Mark of Cain. It was placed on his forehead by God as punishment for killing his younger brother, Abel. He was cursed to survive eternity alone as a wanderer.

According to Lilith, she knew Cain personally—enough to state that Cain was once stubborn. In 2007, the vampire Simon Lewis became the only other person known to have borne the Mark of Cain.


  • Cain is an actual biblical figure. According to scriptures, he was the first son, the first murderer, and the first human being to fall under a curse. Some accounts claim he was the son of Adam and Eve, others Lucifer, as the Serpent, and Eve.