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Céline Herondale (née Montclaire) was the biological mother of Jace and the second wife of Stephen Herondale.


Céline was born into a family that abused and neglected her. In order to cope, she would run away from home, sometimes for days at a time, and walk in the forest. Feeling like she didn't belong anywhere, Celine originally considered becoming an Iron Sister.[1] However, when Valentine offered to let her become a member of the Circle, playing on her desire to be loved and belong somewhere, she accepted, assuming that this was a better option than being in total isolation.[2] When she was eighteen, Valentine had Stephen leave his first wife to marry her. They moved into the Herondale manor together, along with his parents.[3] She soon bore him a child.[4]

In a letter Stephen wrote for their son, he stated that, despite not loving Céline the way he loved his first wife, Amatis, Stephen had loved Céline in some way, and Stephen even defended Céline, saying Céline was not responsible for anything that happened.[2] For a time, Stephen also exchanged letters with Amatis, who later passed them onto Jace. While Jace read them, however, he noticed that Stephen rarely—almost never—referred to Céline, causing Jace's antipathy for his father.[5]

When she was eight months pregnant with her child,[4] Valentine had Stephen murdered, making it seem like he was killed in a raid.[6] Soon afterwards, with the help of Hodge Starkweather, Valentine did the same to her.[7][8] The story that went around, however, was that Stephen's death drove Céline to kill herself by slitting her wrists. Her son was then cut from her corpse by Hodge and taken by Valentine to be raised as his own.[4]

Because Céline's death was believed to be a suicide, she was buried at a crossroads in Idris, outside Alicante and near the Brocelind Forest, alongside many others who have been deemed unworthy of having ashes sent to the Silent City.[3][9]


Céline had been severely abused as a child. The trauma from this led to her becoming very trusting of Valentine because he showed her kindness. Though she was loyal to Valentine, she did not share or understand his hate towards Downworlders. Jocelyn once mentioned that it was impossible to hate Céline, that she had a quality about her that made those that knew her want to protect her. She seemed to be immensely trusting and loyal to Valentine, allowing him to give her drinks for her baby's health and marrying Stephen on his request.

Physical description

Céline was said to be blond and very beautiful. Her son Jace is said to look like her around the eyes, though his gold eyes are all his own.