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For details about his other identity, go to Jem Carstairs' page.
Brother Zachariah
Photo Zachariah 01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Alias: Jem Carstairs
Species: Shadowhunter
Occupation: Former Silent Brother
Residence: Silent City
Allegiance: Clave
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
There are memories that time does not erase, Clarissa. Ask your friend Magnus Bane, if you do not believe me. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.

–Brother Zachariah to Clary, City of Lost Souls

Brother Zachariah is the alias Jem Carstairs used when he became one of the Silent Brothers. He became the most frequently called upon of the Silent Brothers after the death of Brother Jeremiah.

Because of the circumstances of his transformation and joining of the Brotherhood, Brother Zachariah maintained more of his humanity than the others. As of 2008, he has been cured of his illness and has left the brotherhood.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

For his life before being a Silent Brother, please refer to Jem Carstairs' page.

Jem Carstairs became Brother Zachariah at the brink of death as it was the only way to save him. He survived the runes, thus also breaking his parabatai rune, and becoming a Silent Brother.

The Infernal DevicesEdit

Clockwork PrincessEdit

Initially, it was thought that Jem had died by the lack of yin fen that was used to keep him alive. Will had thought he had died whilst his journey to look for Tessa, feeling their parabatai connection disappear.

However, Jem in fact went to the Silent City to be turned into a Silent Brother in hopes that he may continue to live without relying on Yin Fen.

He fought along with Brother Enoch and Brother Micah, when Charlotte tried to transport what little Shadowhunter league they had to battle with Mortmain. It was during the battle that it was revealed that Jem had become the Silent Brother, Brother Zachariah.

Will and Tessa were emotionally confused upon his sudden appearance. Although there are regulations and rules that prevent a Silent Brother from visiting previous ties and attachments, Zachariah still went out of his way to visit his old friends. He had requested a meeting with Will at one point, and he met with Tessa at Blackfriars bridge once a year for decades.

He was present during Will's death and bid his former parabatai the Shadowhunter farewell.

The Mortal InstrumentsEdit

City of Fallen AngelsEdit

Brother Zachariah brought Luke Garroway, Clary, and Maryse to the Ossuarium, where the dead lie for examination, to see if Clary's rune would work.

He is seen in the Silent City when Clary and Jace go there to find out who's controlling Jace's mind. He then mentions old ties between the Herondales and the Brothers.

City of Lost SoulsEdit

Brother Zachariah is called upon by Magnus Bane for assistance regarding Jace's forced bond with Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.

He is called into the Institute by Maryse Lightwood when she realizes that she can keep an eye on Jace while he is jumping all over the world, through an almost invisible tracking mark on Jace's hairline, placed there by Valentine Morgenstern when Jace was still a baby.

Brother Zachariah is seen guarding the door to Jace's room. He and Clary have a brief conversation about his life before he joined the Brotherhood.

He and Brother Enoch were brought to the Institute's Library to look at the note Sebastian left behind. A pair of cut off angel wings. "Erchomai" I AM COMING.

Later Life Edit

By 2008, a permanent cure has been found for Brother Zachariah, freeing him from that which bound him to the Silent Brothers. He once again becomes Jem Carstairs and when he reunites with Tessa, they share a kiss and  he agrees to travel the world with her.

For further information about his life after this, go to Jem Carstairs' page.

Relationships Edit

Tessa Gray Edit

When Brother Zachariah was still a Shadowhunter, he was engaged to Tessa Gray and was going to get married to her the week he was changed into a Silent Brother. In the epilogue of Clockwork Princess in 2008, after he is cured and freed from his binds to the Silent Brothers, he rekindled his relationship with Tessa and agreed to travel with her.

Herondales Edit

Brother Zachariah deeply cares for the Herondale family. He petitioned throughout the Clave meetings to continue the search for Jace Lightwood at the same intensity as it had been going. He repeatedly mentioned throughout City of Lost Souls that he wanted to save the Herondale bloodline. This is obviously due to the fact that before he became a Silent Brother, he was William Herondale's parabatai.

Trivia Edit

  • Brother Zachariah, unlike the rest of the Silent Brothers, still has hair, eyes, and an unstitched mouth. This is due to his body having too much yin fen, preventing him from undertaking all the Silent Brothers' runes.
  • Brother Zachariah and Tessa Gray were the ones who performed the Shadowhunter children's ritual ceremony on Clary.[1]


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